Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Next Big Thing.

Saturday, July 23. Join the crude dickanicals of Cherry Red Productions for Day Old Plays 05: The Final Crust. This is how it works: actors, directors and playwrights meet up Friday evening. The actors get Polaroided, props and costumes are thrown in a pile, and the playwrights start grooving, the directors start planning, and the actors...well, we get to sleep until the following morning. But: when we wake up and drag our hungover asses out to rehearsal the next day at the crack of dawn, the casts have mere hours to stage, tech and get otherwise ready for public consumption that evening. 24 hours from sperm to spent, just like theatre was made in the olden days, provided that your conception of "olden days" are Day Old Plays 1-4. Join the DCeiver and his lovely fuckbuddy as they join a fantastic cast, and see smutty-ass filth peddled by the likes of Paul Donnelly, Jeffrey Keenan, Anton Dudley, Shawn Northip, Jay Olexa and Emily Rems, directed by the sick-as-shit minds of Kathleen Akerley, Jennifer Ambrosino, Randy Baker, Bridget O'Leary, Deb Randall and Brian Smith. This is being billed as the last Day Old Plays ever--so after Saturday, you'll have to suck it up and deal with a future that doesn't give a crap about you.

Saturday, July 23
Two shows: 8 & 11pm
Warehouse Theater
1021 Seventh St., NW
24 Hours
In the time it takes Jack Bauer to save the world,
we promise to fuck the shit out of it.
Do not miss out.

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LuckySpinster said...

the new rule this year of us actorines having to be willing to strip down to bras and panties actually has had me saying NO to ice cream the last two weeks.

i guess i'm vain. huh.

can't wait to see you in your bra! tee hee.

(btw, your wife ROCKS! we are having fun at camp!)