Wednesday, August 03, 2005

DCent Days and Nights

We'll have a longer post next week, people. Very busy right now in advance of a weekend of richly deserved R&R. Go to the Washington Social Club show. Seriously, just go. Get some DCist swag and hear some great music.

Thursday morning, there are a lot of ticket onsales over at the 9:30 Club. The usual dickheads probably would prefer you didn't know, but I care about you too much. So here's the skinny.

Last Train Home, beloved roots rock act of all us IOTA barflies, play 930 on September 9, with the Hackensaw Boys.

Experience a flashback to your Central Virginia college dormitory and the non-objectionable music that formed the soundtrack to your life on successive days in September, as the BoDeans take the stage on September 16 and Eddie From Ohio (beloved of all Bad Habits barflies) takes the stage on the 17th.

On September 21, white-hot MC M.I.A. returns to 930 as a headliner to galang your fucking ass off with skitty-bip beats and pidginny goodness.

Sufjan Stevens carries his licence to Illinois into the club on the 27th of September. This is the perfect time to remind him, like we did with ESPN and the fucking guys who are making the state coins that DC is just not going to be ignored. I've liked everything I've heard off Illinoise, but truly, if the guy can't spin something good out of the phrase "bitch set me up" then he isn't worth a good god damn. Frealsies.

Check out the sidebar for the newest in the MP3 world. Information Leafblower is hot on the new stuff coming from Elbow, and "Mexican Standoff" is proof enough that he's right as always. New stuff from Death Cab and Amanset should be checked out, Stellastar's new tune is melodramatic throwback new wave at it's finest, the Calla and Girls Aloud tracks are teh hottness as well. But the coolest is what emo superstar Kelly Clarkson's ubiquitous "Since U Been Gone" sounds like with the original instrumentation stripped out and replaced with the always and ever-so fine riffage of Mr. Frank Black. Proof that the Pixies make everything better. Seeking Irony, you def need to get on that.

In the offing, DC music fans should gird their loins for a some upcoming visitors.

Bob Mould, 930 Club, October 7
Metric, 930 Club, October 8
The Fiery Furnaces, Black Cat, October 15
Portastatic, The Black Cat, October 17.

Okay, a greater heaping of the local next time.


nm said...

will do, mr. dceiver, will do!

Jenn said...

Dude, y'all haven't been to an LTH show in ages. I know, I'm always there and I never see you.