Thursday, August 25, 2005

DCeptette: It's not hip-hop, it's electro version

  1. We were MOST unhappy with the National Zoo today, after they announced that the public would get to choose the name of the panda but that Butterstick would not be among the choices. That darling piece of Sino-American fauna is, was, and ever shall be Butterstick--not Chinese Wind or Kung Pao Dragon or whatever the fuck the Zoo thinks. Well...just when all seems lost, Tom over at Unrequited Narcissism came up with a way to game the system. Now...carry the news to the people, take to the streets, and someone--please page Holly Martins! (Unrequited Narcissism)
  2. Gross. Seriously. (Craigslist)
  3. I agree, Rock Creek Rambler--Going Out Googahs versus Daily Candy DC is the Maximus v. Commodus of the terminally insipid.
  4. So they're auctioning off the deed for the White House on eBay. Funny, but let's take a glance askance at this story: Commander Cuckoo Bananas is holed up at the Pussy Ranch in Crawford, Texas. Way back when he first decamped from the immense pressure of the job he's spent the past half-decade avoiding, CCB's peeps thought it would be the height of cleverness to take the Presidential Seal and affix it to the Pussy Ranch, naming it "The Western White House." I recall someone wondering out loud at the time: "Doesn't this mean that their ranch is now the property of the Federal Government and that future Chief Executives will be entitled to use it themselves?" Interesting. Anyone out there in the blogosphere know if this is true or not? (DCist)
  5. If you "preminisced there would be no return of the salad days" over at, well, guess again. Suckaz been suspended, pending an investigation into expense account improprieties. It's weird that AU only now has got around to sussing this out--their are awash in tuition monies, yet their joint looks downright tatty when compared to G-Dub (even accounting for GWU's barren field off Washington Circle). My favorite part of the coverage was in the Post: "[Ladner's] biography on the university Web site said his 'academic diplomacy' initiatives helped nurture understanding and trust between nations 'when political strategies have stalled or failed' and mentioned North Korea, Cuba, Iraq and Iran, among other countries." Crimony. He's the Gigli of understanding-nurturers. (Post)

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