Friday, August 05, 2005

DCeptette: Special Pictures of Special Victims Version

If all goes according to Bonilla's plan, though, one day I will be able to stand on Reagan Street and tell him, "Congressman Bonilla? Why don't you go Reagan your Reagan and Reagan it right up your Reagan until you Reagan on it and Reagan." And he will have just been served, or, as we'll call it then, "Reaganed."

Are you kidding me? Pictured at left is Michelle Ledgister. She was unhappy with Florida State tax officials after her claim for tax relief on property she owned in Florida was rejected. So, what would any reasonable person holding down a job at the National Institutes of Health do to obtain some sort of remedy for this grievance? Call in an anthrax threat of course! Jesus, Ms. Ledgister. Take a victory lap for that decision.

You know what sucks about Bob Novak pussing out and walking out on CNN?

Not a god damned thing.

Walking out like a pussy crybaby is the 2005 definition of Republicanism, by the way.

"douche bag"

"n : a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas"

Well! That explains perfectly how the steroids got inside Raffy Palmeiro.

Believe it or not, I definitely think Florida Representative Katherine Harris is the best person to be working the point in the efforts to stop sex trafficking. Shit, a face like hers could stop a thundering herd of genetically-enhanced sex trafficking cyber-rhinos.


kat said...

one word (and accompanying punctuation): AMEN!

Washington Cube said...

Bonilla, Bonilla, Fo-Filla, Fee Fi Fo Mo Milla...

PK said...

Actually, the way Novak walked out didn't look so much like he was mad, as it did that he had just remembered that he had left a pile of virgins in his trunk, and their blood would be bland and tasteless if he left them in the heat for the duration of the show. Ironically, he probably could have just borrowed some virgin blood from Carville, who had stocked up the green room fridge.

Stef said...

I love that Novak gave Jon Stewart such a nice little gift, all wrapped up with a bow. And they will *never* rename my street for RR, not if I have anything to say about it!

Enjoying the blog ---

shawnindc said...

Why stop with the streets?

Soon, every kid born in DC will have to be called Reagan or at least be nicknamed "little gipper" at some point in time.

Fluorescences said...

Henry Bonilla should have his own name changed to Ronald Reagan. That way, he can see how it feels to have something like that opposed on you, when you have no say in it.

I grew up and lived in and around DC for 23 years ... I know where National Airport is. I even know where Washington National Airport is. Reagan National Airport, I don't know where that is, and I'm going to keep not knowing where that is.

Novak ... he's officially jumped the shark. Time to put him out to pasture, if CNN's hip.

Jim H said...

I propose we change Texas Avenue in Southeast to Interfering Asshat Congressman Avenue.