Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Next Big Thing

They're tanned, rested, reformulated, and ready. They've got a new CD in the can. They've gotten a aces-up slate of acts on the bill. And they want you to come see them.

Yes, it's time for the Full Minute of Mercury CD release party. This Saturday at the Velvet Lounge, with Big Daddy Chrome, Rockbot, and Karmella's Game. Tickets are a mere $8, and the new FMHg jawn will be retailing for a super low price of $5 for this night only. Doors are at eight and earliness is considered a virtue, as Full Minute will go on second to better enjoy the evening.

Check these pages for a rundown of the new record before the gig.

In other release news, Park Police is done and the CD is out. Baltimoreans have already enjoyed it's debut last Thursday. We look forward to telling you all about their new release as well.

Also, Seeking Irony says that Ultragrrrl is up to something special with another fine DC band.


rockstarjoe said...

Karmella's Game is definitely a fun band, but I'm most excited about Rockbot! Those guys kick so much ass.

Jenn said...

Dude. You were linked to in Gene Weingarten's chat today (the Basenow entry). Prepare for a massive influx in traffic.

Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

Can't wait. Shimmery keyboard pop, plus Chris FMHG's metal love. Should be a great time.

cuff said...

What's with the Iron Maiden cover art?