Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Since U Been Tagged

The Upstate Life has demanded answers, tangling The DCeiver and some blogcolleagues (blogleagues?) up in a new meme: what ten songs are rocking my world right now?

Well before I get to that, I've had the De Novo Dahl double LP Cats and Kittens blaring all day long today. It's REALLY good. Get it.

Outside of that: here's the ten songs.

The Mountain Goats, "This Year"
Hot Hot Heat, "Island of the Honest Man"
Kelly Clarkson vs. Frank Black, "Since You're Not Me"
Sia, "Breathe Me"
The Decemberists, covering "Your Love" by the Outfield (hilarious)
Bravery, "Swollen Summer"
Athlete, "Half Light"
Nas, "Don't Body Ya Self"
Sigur Ros, "Hoppipolla"
Death Cab For Cutie, "Soul Meets Body"

Whew! I officially tag in Mr. Thrown For a Loop, Mr. Paul Kamran Hashemi, Mr. Here's a Hint, Ms. Harmany Music, and, of course, it's just not a party until someone phones up The Governess.

UPDATE: Well, it would appear that Mr. Loop and Ms. Harman are already hit up in this game of freeze tag. So, mayhap the talented Ms. Amy Argetsinger would like to play?


Washington Cube said...

Sia is getting a lot of attention after the HBO television show, "Six Feet Under" used her song, "Breathe Me," on their final episode. Thanks for sharing your latest picks.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah. Attention is being paid after being the musical highlight of the last SFU. If you go out to Stereogum, you can download the track and an additional Mylo remix. It was a very arresting tune.

The Governess said...

I always thought it wasn't a party until A) someone got naked or B) something gets broken. But I guess a call to me works in a pinch.

Amy Argetsinger said...

Why, you're sweet to inquire. I haven't been consuming music at a rapid clip this year, so this list may sound so-five-months-ago... but here's what's made my heart soar lately:

Chris Whitley, Dylan's "Spanish Harlem Incident"
Bright Eyes, "At the Bottom of Everything"
Kanye West/Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"
Strokes vs. Missy Elliot, "Hard to Get Ur Freak On"
Da Back Wudz, "U Gonna Love Me"
The Kinks, "David Watts"
Arcade Fire, "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Queens of the Stone Age, "Little Sister"
50 Cent/The Game, "Hate It or Love It"
and, uh, let's see...
The Sound of Music Original Broadway Cast, "How Can Love Survive?"

So I gotta tag someone now?