Thursday, August 18, 2005

When the kids who live on the streets marked "Slow Children Playing" grow up.

Wife of DCeiver, who is required to spend a requisite amount of time each week decrying the awful, stupid, worthless, anti-intellectual, moronic sewage that is the No Child Left Behind Act, said today: "You know, there are actually parents out there that don't mind their kids' school missing the benchmark because they think that means their kids will get free tutoring."

Thus spake the DCeiver with the fury of a thousand white-hot suns:

People are fucking morons. People are just fucking idiots. You idiots. If your school is required by law to provide tutoring, as NCLB does, said tutoring is NOT FREE! Those tutors did not arrive from a far away land, bearing written prescriptions from their primary care physicians to engage in volunteer tutoring for their health. The government did not PROVIDE your children with FREE tutors! YOU PAID FOR THE TUTORS! THE TUTORS WERE PAID FOR WITH YOUR MONEY! AUUUUGGGGHHHH!

I would vastly prefer that the parents named in the above indictment go, right now, and lay down on the highway. Your children will thank you.


Castor OiL said...

"I hope they do have to do the tutoring if it's free as long as it's after school, thetaway I don't have to pay for no damn babysitter anymore."

- Real quote from the mother of a second grader that goes to my daughter's school. She barged in on a conversation me and the wife were having about this very same subject. Unfortunately our school did fine so she's out of luck getting other people to raise her kids so she can devote her time and attention to being a soulless hag.

Gary said...

Blogger doesn't take trackbacks (understandably), and my rant was way too long; I didn't want to burden your readers.

Here's the link:

Upshot: The weakest link in public education today is… g’head, guess… the goddamned, lazy-ass parents who think their own misplaced sense of entitlement extends to their floundering children.

Advance apologies for the self-promotion... but this is a hot-button issue for me.