Friday, September 23, 2005

Arcade Fire II: Hipster Boogaloo!

BrooklynVegan's given voice to a question I've been mulling over for the past few days. Who's going to be the next Arcade Fire--the next obscure band lifted to prominence on the wings of bloggers, early adopters, and urbanite word-of-mouth mavens.

BV has nominated three possibilities: Wolf Parade, Wintersleep, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Now, I am fairly certain that it won't be Wolf Parade, owing to the fact that Wolf Parade suck great big drippy dromedary balls. Cut it and print it, bitches. Never mistake activity for achievement, peoples. As for Wintersleep, well, I haven't heard them yet, so I'll be presumptuous and say maybe. Of the three, the most likely candidate is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I certainly feel like they're a damn fine band, and I remember when word started to trickle out about them, the sort of buzz they got was, in many ways, similar to the experience of watching the Arcade Fire's prominence slowly unfold. But, thus far, I'd be lying if I told you that CYHSY's wave has crested in the same way. Right now, it feels like an imitation more than a duplication. Not trying to slight anybody--it's just not reached that level of overwhelmingness yet, and I'm not sure it will.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, me and the ILB will be officially going to see the show at The Black Cat--I want to see for myself what their show is like, even if Kyle's going to be insisting all night that Mylo is the new Arcade Fire.

One nagging doubt: What if The Hold Steady is the next Arcade Fire, and we're not paying adequate attention?

Also: What's a blogga gotta do to see some good HTML on De Novo Dahl?

Finally: I'd like to know who the next Morrissey is going to be, and by that I mean what standardbearer from the wayback's gonna drop the massive "dont call it a comeback" disc on us? Have you heard this?


tom said...

CYHSY and Hold Steady are both fine bands, but Arcade Fire doesn't make me immediately think of who they're ripping off. CYHSY always bring to mind the Talking Heads, of course. And the Hold Steady always brings to mind Springsteen. I just don't think either of these groups are gonna break out of the indie rock ghetto.

PK said...

Another important question: Why did/do bloggers like the Arcade Fire so much more than anyone else did? I read two or three print reviews of their show at the 9:30 that were alternately lukewarm and scathing... but when I read some blogs (including this one), I had to use a squeegee to clear off the jizz just so I could read it.

(Incidentally, I've only heard iTunes-sampling snippets of their music, and I'm sort of mystified by the big deal... although I admit that you can't really judge a band until you've heard whole songs.)

The Deceiver said...

"CYHSY and Hold Steady are both fine bands, but Arcade Fire doesn't make me immediately think of who they're ripping off."

I think that's an excellent point. Arcade Fire, like TV On The Radio, make music that seems to have no known antecedent. (Of course, we're giving those bands too much credit for suggesting that, but "immediately think of" is the operative.)

I still think, though, that we're going to come to the end of the year and there'll be that one indie band that advanced their cause more than the others.

New candidate: what about Sufjan Stevens? Now, he's a little different, because there's been a baseline awareness of Stevens for quite some time. All the same, his profile has accelerated signifcantly this past year. ILLINOIS is swimming in buzz, he's packing them in, and I don't know about you, but I got the real sense this year that this guy's ambition is boundless and absolutely no joke--and I'm not just talking about the whole Fifty States Project. I'm talking about the fact that he seems bent on getting himself talked about. He's certainly grown in stature.

The Governess said...

Tom, does Lifter Puller remind you of Springsteen, too? See, I think the Springsteen connection comes only from one album - "Separation Sunday", not Craig Finn's whole body of work.

The Deceiver said...

To me, The Hold Steady are more reminiscent of The Replacements than Springsteen. It's all about the Minneapolis.

Blue Fish, Red Pond said...

I'd like to see The Hold Steady blow up. They sort of remind me of a less odd Tom Waits, with the evocative storytelling and a voice that takes getting used to.
Separation Sunday is my favorite album thus far this year.

tom said...

I gotta confess I have only heard Lifter Puller maybe once. Separation Sunday is the only album of theirs that I'm really familiar with.

And DCeiver, if I had to pick a band to break out with their next album, it'd be Architecture in Helsinki. But I know they don't do it for you.

To answer pk's question: I think it's because area publications don't take the job of staffing their music reviewer positions very seriously. But of course that answer's pretty self-serving for us blogospheric AF zealots.

PK said...

Tom - nice. :)

That is probably true... certainly of the Post or something. But it kind of begs the question, why would blogger be more serious than print journalists? By contrast, I would think they'd probably be "on assignment" more often, and seeing a band of their own volition less often, and thus (theoretically) be more objective. Actually, I think I just answered my own question.

ilb said...

If there was any justice in the world, Spoon would be the next Arcarde Fire.

Seriously, why isn't Spoon one of the biggest bands in the world? They are catchy as fuck and make me wanna shake my ass.

Oh yeah, mylomylomylomylomylomylo.

The Governess said...

PS, I really just don't think there is a need for a new Morrissey. The old one is just fine.

Anonymous said...

Just take a moment to realize how ridiculous a statement like "Who's going to be the next Arcade Fire" is and then think about this.

Look, it's going to be Wolf Parade whether people like it or not. Indie rock hipsters are going to be told how great Wolf Parade's music is so many times in the coming weeks that they'll break down and buy it, if only b/c they're scared of seeming out of the loop. These guys are highly connected, with both Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse as friends. Somebody somewhere is putting an awful lot of money behind them and that's really all it takes. You ain't going nowhere until somebody buys you months worth of full-page ads in Magnet magazine and good reviews from Pitchfork.

If you doubt me, check out Wolf Parade's review over at pitchfork media and tell me it's not designed for hipster marketing. "Some day you just might remember where you were when you first heard this album." honestly.

Anonymous said...

I nominate What Made Milwaulkee Famous, Austin's other Not-so-Spoon-like-Spoon (hasn't Spoon sort of made it by now, honestly?)

Buzz round these parts is super-cala-favorable and once they actually sign with a label, expect nation-wide reponse, bloggy and mainstrm alike....