Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DCent Days and Nights

DCist has introduced Three Stars, a new column that'll help you get to know our local acts a little better. Catherine--who is soon to depart for a year in Chicago--ponies up the first offering, a profile of Death By Sexy. Come back during the week for additional features. Later today, DCist checks in on Barakus. And then Thursday, you'll want to check out my interview with the crazy kids of Full Minute of Mercury.

Our friend Ultragrrrl has been working hard, putting out her special series of Stolen Transmission singles. Well, awhile back, Natalya of Seeking Irony fame posted a blind item informing us that Ultra had turned her sights on the DC area for her next release. Turns out the lucky winner is the buzzed about Her Daily Obsession. Check out Ultra's site for news of the release, anticipated in late October.

We've been enjoying the latest track from The Clientele, "Since K Got Over Me", from their forthcoming record Strange Geometry. We'll get to enjoy them in person at IOTA in October--they'll be playing the 29th at IOTA Club and Cafe with Annie Hayden. And someone, please, keep the Governess calm. Okkervil River, touring in support of an album that not a few people are calling the best of the year so far, will stop into town, also playing IOTA November 14. Charles Bissel of the Wrens cashes in some of his annual leave as the opener.

Finally, Alex Chilton has been found. Children by the millions were fearing the worst, but he's safe and sound. And, no, George Bush doesn't care about members of Big Star, either.

We hope to see people out at the latest iteration of Bluestate, happening this Saturday at the Black Cat. It's the official DC CD release party for stellastarr* and their new LP Harmonies for the Haunted, and will feature special guest DJs from Cricklewood Massive. But more importantly, we hope that all of you who have time come to A Katrina Benefit on Friday.

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The Governess said...

i'm totally having O.R. over to my house for a Babysitter's Club type sleepover. With pillowfights.