Friday, September 23, 2005

DCeptette: Everything is Elimidated version.

  1. So, favorite BMX Bandit of all time, welcome back to your first hometown! We've changed a little, babe, since u been gone, but even though these days we have a different sort of Bush Christmas than the ones you're used to, but I think you'll agree that we've done a lot of sprucing up the place. Anyway, what do you know, Nic? Here you are, chilling in my neighborhood, and here's me, sitting on an extra Death Cab For Cutie ticket! Funny coincidence, wouldn't you say? Aww, girl, you know I saved it for you. Stars are opening, you know. (AP)
  2. Hey, check it! Guess who broke some news today? (DCist)
  3. I'm checking out the CPMC's latest incomprehensible post, mere days after their public dispute with the DC Bachelor, and it's the same old story. When you rush into a blogwar without a plan to win the blogpeace, it's quagmire city, baby.
  4. DC Metroblogs posts tomorrow's scheduled line-up of acts for the Operation Ceasefire concert. On their schedule, they identify the Fort Knox Five as the act that will be going on at 1:00 am, and offer an theory about who the Fort Knox Five are: "...which I suspect will be Jello [Biafra] performing with an all-star cast of a backing band." Say, Metroblog Mike, that's an interesting theory and all, but if you don't mind, I'm going to operate under the premise that the Fort Knox Five are not so much a Biafra fronted all-star act as they are the actual Fort Knox Five. But yeah, guy, your idea is really pretty and stuff. (Metroblogs)
  5. So, I just had a realization that could mean I'm the first to realize something (0.5% probability) or the last one to get the joke (99.5% likely). It occurs to me that this "Holly Martins" who writes over at Wonkette may in fact be a pseudonym named for Joseph Cotten's character in The Third Man. If that's the case, that's actually deliciously subversive! And if that's not the case, we'd still like to know if he'd feel any pity if one of those dots down there stopped moving.


rj loop said...

Actually, I went to college with a Holly Martins, but I'm pretty sure it isn't her, as I think she was a German major or something.

Matt said...

Probably not her, since the Holly Martins who fills in for Wonkette is a dude.

Cleveland Park Men's Club said...

The post to which you referred was really meant for one person in particular. Yes, a quagmire. But, there is an end in sight...

Just like Truman had one.

K said...

Funny, it looks like DC metblogs changed their post after your link to them. Bonner, Dobkin, en garde!