Friday, September 16, 2005

DCeptette: Here comes a regular version

  1. Swing low, sweet Craig of Craigslist. Coming forth to carry me home... (Craigslist)
  2. DCist describes the upcoming mayoral election in terms of candidate plumage: "If anything, the race will be colorful -- Brown's yellow-themed campaign schwag will contrast nicely against Fenty's green, Cropp's red, Johns' turquoise, and Orange's -- yep, you guessed it -- orange." And if Jack Evans jumps into the race? Hmmm. Our money's on white. (DCist)
  3. The Upstate Life tips us to Diamondback contributor Emily Apatov's column, in which she issues a call for "Sensible Dick Policy." But check out that third paragraph! Rambling, flailing, no clear thesis...if prose ability translates at all into bedroom demeanor, we're not sure she's earned an appreciation for sensible dick. (Diamondback)
  4. And, to reciprocate on TUL's typically wry and witty observations, if, on the other hand, Blue States Lose were a weekly chronicling of the coupling of the terminally cloying and clutchy, instead of snapshots of coked out Lower East Siders, this entry would be among it's most vomitous. (Moments with Cassie)
  5. Tomorrow is Constitution Day, and all around the District schools have been required to hold celebrations and assemblies and symposia. Unconstitutional means to achieve the end of celebrating the Constitution sound paradoxical to you? Don't be silly! It's all part of the due process of sucking it.

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Washington Cube said...

Re: Emily Apatov. Would someone pull that child's tuition NOW and remove her from higher education. Make her work for a living. She's wasting her parent's money.