Friday, September 23, 2005

DCeptette: The last days of beer pong version

  1. Free tickets for bloggers for the awesomest and most hotly anticipated movie of 2005? Ooooh. Me want! (Instapundit)
  2. Eleanor Holmes Norton is fighting for DC's rights once again, this time by demanding fair and equal representation in the U.S. Capitol's Statuary Hall, where each state is allowed to place two statues. I'm not sure what the point is sticking two more non-voting simulacrae in the U.S. Capitol is. Maybe Norton just needs to feel superior to someone or something up on Capitol Hill. She can walk up to the DC statues and be all: "Check me out bitches! I'm fucking ambulatory!" Anyway, getting her way in this matter is going to set a clear precedent later on this year, when Norton plans to fight to get Washington DC equal representation in the Christmastime Secret Santa celebration at the Capitol. (Currently, Washington DC's participation in the Secret Santa is limited to a single "Shadow" Santa who is permitted to enter their name once.) (DCist)
  3. John Kelly comes perilously close to giving a Butterstick shout-out. (Post)
  4. Is it just me, or does every paragraph of this article on missing VCU freshman Taylor Marie Bell just scream "That's so wrong!!" Because as a former VCUer, it do not sound good to me. I only knew two thirty-eight year old men on the VCU campus while I was there--one was dotty and had frequent, day-long blackouts, the other approached me at a Carpenter Center performance of Kiss Of The Spider Woman and asked if I was into girlfriend swapping. (My response was twofold: "Greg. You don't have a girlfriend. Also: I don't want you to ever speak to me again. He only spoke to me one other time since then, and that was when I ran into him at the grocery store and he was acting as if he just got back from a picnic where the main course was piles of ecstacy.) And those are the thirty-eight year old students I knew. I am not counting the middle aged members of the nearby group home for mental invalids who were all over the campus every day wandering around, who were named Hot Pants, Water On The Brain Man, Candy Bar, Phantom Smoker, Uncle Newsprint, Moth Balls, and The Indian. (Post)
  5. At American University, the students have a different set of worries, namely, how much money did President Ben Ladner piss away and on what did he piss it. But now I read that we're talking about an amount of money in the neighborhood of $500,000, and I have got to ask, isn't a single student's semester tuition at AU about $500 grand? (Post)


Sean said...

Hell yeah, the dudes from the half-way house on Grace St were my favorite...that Asian guy always pacing out front of Hibbs....God I miss Richmond (in a perversely love/hate way of course).

rcr said...

John Kelley's writing makes me want to beat up the next dork I see and take his lunch money.