Thursday, September 22, 2005

DCeptette: Well we all have to fall version

  1. The Hill hits up the halls of Congress asking everyone they could get a hold of about what they thought of The Daily Show. It's a pity that they didn't track down Representative Henry Bonilla, because I'd enjoy the opportunity to have him describe for me what it was like to have your ass kicked up and down the street by Jon Stewart. Then again, Bonilla facing Stewart is kind of like bringing a paper throwing-star to a gunfight. (The Hill)
  2. When the Going Out Gurus attempt humor, you get some very David Brent-like results. Of course, I'm probably wrong for picking on them--they actually made two whole posts today, so they were probably really winded when they embarked on their ill-fated attempt at japery. (Gogblog)
  3. Kanishka has competition! (Craigslist)
  4. To be honest, Coldplay doesn't burn my rectum as much when I'm trying to shit it out. Other than that, though, I think your whole premise has real merit. (Craigslist)
  5. In the past week's City Paper, Jason Cherkis and Erik Wemple describe how the Washington Post's STYLE section has been unusually resistant to poach attempts from the New York Times. They're right in pointing out how the STYLE Section remains one of the Post's great strengths, with cultivated personalities, looser reigns, and a greater free-for-all atmosphere that brings in a wide variety of stories. (It's markedly better than the like section of the NYT, to boot.) However--I know of the existence of at least one STYLE writer who would only be too happy to be poached by the Grey Lady. He'd wet his tiny panties with joy. Of course, it's absolutely no surprise to anyone as to why he hasn't been asked! *Sigh* But I'm sure you have no problem guessing who I'm talking about. (City Paper)

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