Friday, September 09, 2005

In other African-Americans-named-West news

When we look at this picture of Cornel West scarfing down one of Adams Morgan's nasty-ass jumbo slices, the following thoughts occur to us:

  1. Is this one of the "sketches of his culture?"
  2. Man, those residual checks from The Matrix: Reloaded must be pretty skimpy.
  3. How long before David Horowitz "discovers the network" and cites Pizza Bolis for radical Marxism?
  4. It's too bad Tracy Morgan isn't on SNL anymore, because "Pizza Scarfing Cornel West" is so totally the next Brian Fellows.
  5. Damn, that pizza is nasty, Cornel! You gotta treat your body like a temple, brother!

According to the DCist article that brought this photograph into our lives, DCist Kanishka apparently put a hundred dollar wager out there daring someone to take this picture. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of a photographic scavenger hunt that will find more DCists parting with hard-earned coin. If we had $100 to throw around, here are some pictures we'd like to see taken down on 18th Street:

  • Robert Novak scarfing down Amsterdam Falafel.
  • Elisabeth Bumiller riding Michelle Malkin in the men's bathroom at Tryst as EJ Dionne looks on.
  • Thomas Friedman playing flip cup with the Rock Creek Rambler.
  • Ivo Daalder getting baked behind the DCAC.
  • Christopher Hitchens--anywhere inside T.S. Muttly's.
Get on it before Kanishka runs out of money!


DCepticon said...

Harold Brazil anywhere in Ward 6

rcr said...

If you know the secret password you can get it on the Asshole tournament that Robert Bork and I host at Third Edition.

tom said...

did I miss the promised FMHg/Scientology crossover?

your fans are getting anxious...