Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Judge John Roberts stars in "How to Make an Asinine Statement Sound Profound"

The AP reports this morning that John Roberts has vowed that he would judge cases "according to the rule of law."

Yeah. The "rule of law" and nine bucks will get you some kung pao chicken. This guy reveals in his opening statement that he's a complete tool. Of course he'll judge cases by the rule of law--he doesn't have a fucking choice in the matter.

It's the equivalent of me walking into the CVS across the street from me and vowing to pay for my sundries "with United States currency."

All right golden boy. You're gonna have to do better than that.


naechstehaltestelle said...

Actually, the "rule of law" is a separate concept from "the law". Obviously cases have to be decided by the laws which the Supreme Court has the ultimate authority to interpret, but the "rule of law" is the concept that the law is something which is objective, under which all people are subject to the same treatment (suppsedly). This is in comparison with the idea of a "rule by men", something associated with more totalitarian governments. Not that I like Roberts, or agree with any of his policies, but he's just making a highly idealistic philosophical argument for his appointment with that statement(blah blah blah, judges do this, higher purpose, etc).

PK said...

Yeah, I don't think Roberts has done badly at all.

My guess is that the GOP was caught flat-footed on the Katrina aftermath because all of its evil geniuses were busy prepping Roberts, and nobody was around to keep ol' Bushie from looking like the idiot he really is. "Judges are not politicians"... "I have no agenda"... you gotta admit, they do good work.

The Deceiver said...

Don't get me wrong--there's not a reason in world why Roberts should not be confirmed. This is a candidate that the ABA would give a resounding thumbs-up. He's an immensely accomplished and talented conservative jurist--not a hack like Clarence Thomas.

I'm just pointing out that when he says he's going to follow the "rule of law", the correct response is, "Duh. Of course you are. You don't have a fucking choice." It's clearly some line that a handler gave him to say.

The Senator said...

The ABA gave him 4 ratings of like 100% or something. He's extremely intelligent, but did you see Biden's questioning? Definitely savvy. Almost artistic in the way he cornered Roberts.

I tell you what, Biden is one of those guys who you think is not so intelligent because he uses sports analogies and is sort of jockish, but really ends up the winner because he plays the politics of "low expectations" so well. Another guy did that too *cough* Bush *cough*. The only difference is that Biden IS smart.

abe said...

DCeiver, I see you have Biden fans. Have you no thoughts to share with them about the Senator's research capabilities?