Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina 100: 006 The Scum Also Rises

"I mean, you have people who don't heed those warnings and then put people at risk as a result of not heeding those warnings. There may be a need to look at tougher penalties on those who decide to ride it out and understand that there are consequences to not leaving."
Rick Santorum, R-PA

So let me get this straight. The Federal Government, despite the fact their members brag to their constituents about all the tax dollars they're bringing home to their districts to protect them from disaster and terror, isn't actually good for suck-all when it counts, and Rick Santorum's grand vision is to punish the victims of hurricanes through legal penalty? How do punish someone who's lost all their possessions? Take their nothing away from them? Seize their zero assets? How many tax dollars will go to recovering bloated corpses so that they might receive a good chiding? No, Mr. Santorum's vision of public service isn't psychotic at all!

You're doing a heck of a job, brownhole.


Castor OiL said...

Rick Santorum is the Kwame Brown of Christianity, a clueless nitwit who exemplifies everything that sucks about the league.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

Word, my friend.

cuff said...

This guy's an asswad who hopefully will be drummed out of office next election...I don't think he's helping himself here either.

I'm ashamed that my home state elected him.

Bob said...

I hate Santorum as much as anyone, but isn't it fair to say that, while most people who stayed behind in NOLA didn't really have any other choice, the crazies that are just staying to be stubborn are, in fact, putting rescuers' lives in danger?

I saw some of those crazies on the news last night. They were old, white, and saying things like, "arrest me or shoot me" and were yelling from the front porches of, what looked to be, nice homes.

hpmelon said...

Actually, many are staying because they have nowhere to go, and the idea of being forcably removed from their homes and having to stay in a shelter rings a little to circumspect in their eyes. I for one would not stay, and think it would be best for them if they left as well, but far be it for me to tell someone to leave their home. I can understand the idea of not wanting to relinquish my home to the goverment (who abondoned them until the press made it too ugly to do otherwise.)

Comment Man said...

there are people in new orleans who, for one reason or the other, are not leaving the city. these people, because of the state of the city, are not only going to have multiple health problems in the future, they are also going to cause problems for the people that are working in the city, trying to clean it up and stuff.

the problem in convincing these people to leave, which they don't have to if they don't want to ... yet, is that the places where they are staying aren't so bad e.g. the french quarter. so, how do you convince these people to leave? you tell them they will be fined if they don't?

reasonable? sensitive? correct? probably not. effective? we'll see after, and if, it actually becomes a law.

The Deceiver said...

Referring specifically to those last few holdouts in NOLA who were profiled on the news last night, I saw the same reports--yes, those people are crazy, yes they are impeding efforts to clear the city, but the only persons' safety and well-being they're impacting is their own.

There is no evident need, even in these cases, however, for "tougher penalties." Clearly there are statutes that govern the situation and statutory penalties attached. There is not a shred of evidence that suggests that the current statutes and penalties are insufficient.

Really, though, Santorum is talking about people who "ride it out", not holdouts a week after the fact. What Santorum really wants to do is figure out a way to limit the Federal Governments liability for future situations--which is the same thing as using our tax dollars to furnish the Feds with a Cop Out Voucher. Though, to be fair, I think the thought of demonizing people gives Santorum the mega-jollies in teh worst way. Still, that is but a value-add.

Imagine if you will, that Santorum gets his way. You flash forward to the next devastating hurricane. DO you really think this law has an effect at all? There will still be people who will ride out the storm in violation of the law, still people who will ride out the storm because they do not have the means at their disposal to comply with the law, and the same set of "Don't tread on me" crazies who won't move come hell, high-water or high-powered assault weapon. The law saves no lives, proves no point, renders no justice, and exposes no truth--however, our taxes will fund a Santorum's Law Tactical Unit to enforce these laws. This is conservatism?

PK said...

While a lot of people are rushing to congratulate the media for growing a spine, I think the "crazies holed up" meme is a typical case of "normal" media sensationalization. I just can't believe that these little snapshots are actually representative of the bulk of the people remaining in the city. And even if they are, it's important to listen to WHY they're still there: Almost all of them will say they have nowhere else to go. No family, friends, savings to live off, etc.

I have read some interesting, unbiased opinions about the science of all this - how the very design of New Orleans, as conceived 150+ years ago, is causing it to sink - and I think some of the more controversial statements by people like Dennis Hastert (basically, they should move the city) are only controversial because they are an ugly truth that people don't want to admit. That said, it's hard to blame a lot of people for staying, and Santorum's ideas are at once vindictive, stupid, and ineffective. For lots of folks, going to jail would probably be better than going to a shelter anyway.

jordan said...

we don't deserve to have to be this angry

Anonymous said...

as much as i detest Santorum, he has a point. those that chose to stay not only endangered themselves, but the rescuers.

the govt is screwed no matter what they say or do at this point.

The Deceiver said...

Mr. Santorum is not talking about people who CHOSE TO STAY, i.e. old line white upper class types and French Quarter proprietors. He's talking abotu people who had NO MEANS OF COMPLYING with the evacuation order, other than, I suppose, walking miles along the road during a hurricane.

There will always be people who remain behind in the face of a hurricane and they will always have to be helped. To pretend that this is not already built-in to the post-disaster costs is retarded. And to suggest that a person who has lost their home, their possessions, their livelihood and likely their loved ones needs ADDITIONAL PUNISHMENT and that I as a taxpayer need to PAY FOR IT is punch-you-in-the-mouth stupid from anyoen other than a kindergartner.