Sunday, September 18, 2005

Katrina 100: 010 Put in a good word.

Ever applied for a job? If you're like me, job hunting can be hard work. Sending out resumes, playing the percentages. You're dropping stones down a well, listening for a splash.

Here's what I hate about job searching. The variables. All the stuff that's beyond your control. The vagaries and proclivities of the hirers. Subtle biases based on where you went to school, where you worked before. That one computer program out of ten on that list of qualifications that you never learned. Why are they still using that in 2005, anyway.

And of course, the references. Maybe it's been too long, and they don't remember you as well. Maybe you didn't leave on the good terms you thought you did. Maybe after you left, they hired a guy who's not as good as you at the job, but good enough at convincing everyone else that you fucked it up and left a mess behind. Maybe the colleague is a buddy of yours, and he's a little too flippant on the phone. Maybe he oversells you. The odds are on your side, sure, but you still worry. It's out of your hands, after all.

Well, I for one am never going to worry about a job reference ever again. Thank you, former FEMA director Michael Brown. You see, when he was being considered for his post, the FBI went around interviewing people from his employment history. They were led to a man named Stephen Jones, a partner at a law firm in Oklahoma City, where he worked alongside Brown. When Jones was told that Brown was being considered for the position of FEMA head, this was the reference Jones gave his illustrious colleague.

"You're surely kidding."

So, yeah. I'm not going to worry about job references anymore. I need the time to worry about everything else.

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Matt said...

In a two-week span, I had four first interviews, one second interview, and no offers. I give up.