Thursday, September 01, 2005

Second Death Cab date added.

Big thanks to Oliver, who advises us that a second Death Cab For Cutie show has been added for Monday, the 24th of October. Some time ago, in DCist, commenters joined contributors in examining the trends and circumstances that lead to dates being added. When we examined DCFC's original tour schedule, many of the signs that astute DCist commenters identified jumped out. As we scanned down, we couldn't help notice that the band was leaving gaps in their schedule as they hit the more prominent American cities--so seeing that Death Cab had no show scheduled on the day following their announced DC date wasn't the least bit surprising.

Through the band, there is a presale going on right now, though, I'm sorry to say, the how's and where's elude me. Oliver: if you're still out there, let us know where to go. According to Oliver, regular tickets go on sale on September 9.


oliver said...

here's info for the 10/24 presale:

according to death cab's e-mail, a "very limited number of tickets" went on presale 8/31 at 7 pm.

to purchase presale tix, go to:

register for login, or use these:
username: deathcab
password: tickets

(you might want to register anyway to get on the mailing list.)

according to the e-mail, tix will also be available through 9:30 club starting 9/9.

A Unique Alias said...

Presale tix have sold out.

The Cut said...


Gary said...

FYI: I lied before, 930 feeds update midnight, 6am, noon, 6pm over on The Fury.

A Unique Alias said...

Tix for the new date are on sale early - - just bought mine today, 09/08/05.