Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sugarland Midnight Express

By Travis Mills

what a weird freakin day -- woke up early to help amy get off to work,
making her tea and a breakfast sammich, etc....then couldn't get back
to bed so i've been immersed in headline news, cnn, msnbc all

of course the big talk of the morning was the mike brown smackdown of
yesterday, followed by a lead up to gov blanco's expected testimony
where she'd get to deliver her response to the nitwit's misguided
claims.....(who knows really if nagin and blanco really were culpable
-- if they didn't cooperate or were hitting the panic buttons and
running around like headless roasters -- brown is a perfect scapegoat
for obvious reasons and no amount of spin can dismiss the notion that
he was the wrong guy in the wrong place at the worst time.....a sort
of theme for Bush n' Co. Basically the Chicago Bears DB Mike Brown
would have been as effective.)

Another congressional hearing was the big steroid all stars conference
-- in all its fluffy, completely irrelevant and probably
inconsequential glory......but it did distract mccain all day,
because, what, he's the self-appointed head of the congressional
athletic ethics committee? ga-jeez, can't we get this guy to do some
real ass-scrubbing out there.....that's like benching wilt chamberlain
for bugs bunny.

Then there's the whole Lynde England Abu Grahib sentencing where NO
ONE in the SCLB even thinks of mentioning Rumsfeld as possibly
partially responsible -- bringing to close a HUGE win for Rove, who
was able to spin away any semblance of a connection between the people
running the military and the actual people IN the
THAT was a neat trick.

Next up, even more Rovian masterminding, as Bush calls a ridiculously
superfluous Rose Garden press conference to talk about winning the war
on terror after being briefed by US Forces generals who have been
leading the seemingly losing effort against the insurgency....RIGHT as
Blanco is delivering her opening statements at her testimony! So more
meaningless bloviating even as news of another suicide bombing breaks
JUST to add another line to the script of the day's news, giving less
airtime to Blanco and whatever incriminating words she was drumming up
for live ears.....first of all, shouldn't the generals who are leading
the fight against terrorist aggression (or whatever moniker the
quagmire has these days) be IN iraq to do their business? Who's in
charge over there right now? second of all, how much news does there
have to be in one day? was the idea to just get people to turn off the
tv, so what happens later doesn't get picked up?

Even the story about the japanese scientists who have new footage of a
giant squid seemed to recall the how comprehensive the reach of the
Bush machine's tenticles really is.....

Just another day in Bushland.

Ah, but then here comes Ronnie Earle -- a knight in shining blue
armor, landing a huge haymaker on the right side of Bush's fucking
phony ass face. An indictment of DeLay means instant Trent
Lottification of this steaming pile of armadillo shit -- a gigantic
bruise on the party's cheek, since they all elected the fucker to lead
their majority cronyship in the first place -- and a further coup is
the timing of the trial can be dictated by Travis Co. lefties, meaning
they'll pull the obviously Rovian manuever of dredging up the big dirt
right around, oh, say October 2006.

"I learned it from you, Rove! I learned it from watching you!"

Well, of course Slim Sinister will weasel good and slickity out of
this one, as he's done teflon-like seemingly thousands of times in the
last 5 years, but DeLay is a huge casualty for them, and whatever
leakage and connections Rove will be able to whistle away, will still
get out there even if it just more
conspiracy-mongering....but this feels right....this one feels like
it'll make a dent -- that the dems are finally learning to just get
out of the way as the dominos fall over and over in Bush World and
maybe real folk will finally start to the long laborious process of
re-learning how to use their god-given (get it? god?) logic
systems.....and get it through their thick as shit skulls that this
ain't the most reliable bunch of folks guarding the sanctity of our
more perfect union. maybe? is it so much to ask, this?

is this the beginning of the paradigm shift? is this where americans
finally start to look for deeper attributes to their leaders than
their denomination or war record? can we have a little more skepticism
back in our lives as opposed to the git majority blindly following the
factless bullshit they've lapped up over the past five years? will it
happen so fast we won't even notice? probably -- these days of short
attention spans, news cycles have 24 increments with which to work
before news becomes olds.....and houses of cards fall quick -- so it
could just be a momentary instant -- first delay, then a bush
impeachment charge and as every house and senate republican tries to
get out of the way of and cut ties with each other for fear of being
dragged down with it, you have a fractious cracked glass, just as the
dems start to realize being on message doesn't mean having to say
you're sorry. mccain can just say, he MADE me do it and dictate policy
for the next 20 years, ben affleck will be a shoe in for va senator
and the biden/obama, obama/clinton regimes can enjoy their happy,
progressive respective 8 year stints helming this fucked country......

ah, a boy can dream......

if this feels too good, it probably won't last. there will be plenty
of more news being churned out of the WH hitting the airwaves in the
next few days to deflect the delay sting.....but this is a good one,
even if it doesn't puts a nasty face on a nasty party to
throw big pointy darts at for months......that'll feel good. let's see
dean grow some hair on his already gigantic balls and be a big old
fonz on this one, cool, respectful to Mr. and Mrs. C, but boning
Joanie on his Harley in the garage for all the world to see.

all i know is that the scream that brought down his campaign was
screamed again today and it probably made everyone in the room laugh
this time.....and in a good good way.
[While Travis Mills couldn't stand anymore living next to LES hipsters, he'll still come up and cook some cue for 'em. If they ask nice.]

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