Tuesday, October 18, 2005

DCeptette: And the men who name the pandas must be the ones who start version

  1. Oh, yeah. Take the time to recognize. (ESPN)
  2. Seriously. Why do people have to do this? (Craigslist)
  3. Please note: all of Guided By Voices' unused lyrics will be repurposed as Washington Post headlines. Via Pygmalion in a Blanket. (Washington Post)
  4. Washington's mystery stench revealed as waste from a Capitol Heights pumping station, so, it looks like DC Bachelor is off the hook for the time being. (WJLA News 7)
  5. PG County Judge Dick Palumbo is saying that the dismissed protective order that led to the protectee, Yvette Cade, being set on fire by her estranged husband, came to be dismissed through "clerical error." Do you get the feeling that Palumbo imagines "Clerical Error" as one of those invisible ghostie motherfuckers that run around the panels of The Family Circus, causing trouble? I do. Anyway, now that Cade is covered with third-degree burns and the husband is charges with murder in the first, the protective order has been reinstated, presumably by the little ghostie motherfucker named "Shallow Attempt to Cover My Ass After the Damage Has Already Been Done." (Washington Post)

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The Cut said...

The Cavaliers looked liked the kicker of elves you echos myron. Hagens was a man called aerodynamics the way he passed the ball the victory was yours to keep. We need a gold star for that robot boy. Al G was thinking , "Man, I am a scientist!" Bowden was like,"I'm the queen of cans and jars!" The good old song was the official ironmen rally song. I mean look at them, but don't stop now.