Wednesday, October 05, 2005

DCeptette: I've given up on social niceties version

  1. It's surprising. I get the more grief for my mainstream opinions than for my outlandish ones. (DCist)
  2. Maybe Papa's got a brand new frame: "No Taxation with Such Representation as Myself." (Post)
  3. One of the important Reliable Source rites of passage: the first time you make a boldfaced mention of Julianna Glover Weiss. (The Reliable Source)
  4. So doctors at the National Zoo are set to remove a "large, lemon-sized" tumor from an ailing giraffe. When life gives you lemonoma, make lemonoma squares! Frealsies though, what is with the zoo and their strange tendency to describe the vagaries of their world by comparing things to groceries? Well, on behalf of the local blogosphere, I want zoo officials to know that if they get the tumor out and decide to backtrack by cleverly describing it as "about the size of a stick of butter", we WILL fuck you up. (Post)
  5. Judy Miller is exactly like Anne Frank--or would be, if Anne Frank had, back then, confused her best friends for Nazis and ended up hiding unnecessarily from people who jad just brought over some finger sandwiches. (Fishbowl)

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