Wednesday, October 19, 2005

DCeptette: Much Adu over four measly goals version

  1. I normally love me some Tony Kornheiser, but when it comes to DC United, homie is Sofa King, We Todd Ed. So before he says another word about it, I say: Freddy Adu may burn for some more PT, Tony, but I wager that if you took Adu on a team run your way, I could take a team run the way Peter Nowak wants it done and I'd be whippin' up on your ass seven days a week, twice on Sunday. You were beating the Play Freddy Drum like a samba-crazed Brazilian all last year, but the reality on the field, TK, was that every minute Adu played at Esky's expense was like acid in the face. Circa 2004, Adu was milk money, but Alecko was the ma-fuckin' gravy train (and a Cavalier from The U., to boot, no effing surprise there). Freddy's got bulk and a better game this year, but we all know how this story's gonna go, Ton--another year tops and he's off to Europe where, if he plays for a top squad and not some Bundesliga retread, Adu is gonna catch plenty o' pine. This is futbol ree-al-i-tee, Tony. But seriously, dude, if you like your chances, just pick a sunny day, and I'll meet you at the RFK gates. Adu and Lalas will be on your side, but you FUCKIN' LOSE--because Christian Gomez is on mine. Cut and print. (Washington Post)
  2. I think if nothing else, we're all thankful that George W. Bush doesn't seem to know Harriet Miers as well as DC Councilmember Jack Evans knows Marsha Ralls. How well does Jack know Marsha? We'll let Amy and Roxanne intimate. And dig the pic. Not to be crass, but the woman is a walking billboard for Talk about your DailyCandy! I am Jack's painfully throbbing loins! (Reliable Source)
  3. You have to love the headline of this John Kelly column. I'll try to break down my nanosecond by nanosecond thought process as I read it: "Hmmm. 'Cost of milk?' What about it? Has it gone up? Gone down? Or is it a new Bloc Party song? Let's see, next word. 'Sends.' Sends? The cost of milk is sending something? What is it sending? What could it be sending? 'Milk Prices Higher.' Oh! The cost of milk is affecting the price of milk! That's unexpected! Thank God the Washington Post chose to not keep me in suspense, wondering what prices the cost of milk were affecting. I might have has to, I don't know, read the article, or even worse, used my brain to try to deduce something that was merely implied." (Washington Post)
  4. WMATA launches a snigletty ad campaign, creating words to define people and places and things you encounter riding Metro. They give "person who crowds or blocks Metro doors, making it difficult for others to exit or enter promptly" the term "Doorker", apparently because "Grand Master Asshole" didn't test well. (WMATA)
  5. DCist gives Renee Fleming rave reviews, but I don't know--seems like all you hear out of Stereogum and other hipster outlets these days is endless bloggorhea buzz about Fleming. I mean, it's like not a day goes by! I say, she's just another blog-anointed buzz machine. Clap Your Hands Say Coloratura. (DCist)


PK said...

I just can't STAND reading a word Kornheiser prints about soccer anymore, period. Freddy needs to get better. It's the plain, unadorned truth. Comparing it to the Lavar Arrington situation is just plain crazy. To wit: Lavar has been to the Pro Bowl three times; Freddy's been an All-Star once, and that time as a bogus "commissioner's pick". Lavar has historically been a monster, although he has also made a few big mistakes; Freddy's the opposite, having been mostly a fine complementary player with quick feet and not the best game sense, but with a few stunning moments. And most importantly, Freddy played in just about every game, and started a lot of them. Lavar has played like ten downs all season.

There is no doubt that Freddy Adu is a talent that only comes along every ten years or so. But he's also a sixteen-year-old that frequently plays like one. Until Nowak coaches a season in which he DOESN'T win a championship, I suggest that Tony should just not bother watching a sport he doesn't understand. Peter is using Freddy in exactly the right way - as a potential game-changer who, despite his skills, has not proven he is a 90-minute player. If he complains and goes somewhere else, we'll be just fine without him; and if it's a bad team, they won't suddenly be good.


Red State-Blues City said...

I'm just wondering who in the DC locker room will be the one to slap Freddy down this year. Last season, you got the feeling that his "woe is me, I don't play enough and I'm a superstar" shit got him the back of Ryan Nelson's kiwi-pickin hand upside his head.
I'm hoping Ben Olsen risks another ankle injury and puts a boot up Freddy's ass all the way to the top of his shin-guard.
Freddy's WC-squad wimpering is nonsense. Take a look at the other guys from his U-20 squad, the ones who play every week, even at FC-Big-Apple-Super-Club-wihtout-a-trophy-to-their-names. Most of them have fallen off The Bruce's radar in favor of guys who are not only playing but producing for thier clubs. Baaaaah.