Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How you too can fight foo.

Washington. Are you tired of pitching woo? Making stew? Winning iPod nanoes with an ersatz loo? Don't know what to do? Try fighting foo!

First, check that calendar, make sure you've got some free time this Sunday, say...around 9:30pm.

If so, then go right here.

No need to rush. Maybe tomorrow. Say around 4pm.

I can't stress this enough: 4pm is the hour, no irony. Get it? 4pm=HOUR, NO IRONY.

(with a tip of the hat to Neurobashing)


rockstarjoe said...

Anagrams are much more fun than giving the password away (DCist, I'm looking in your direction...).

Erica said...

hahahah....that's great! Agreed, much better than all that other commotion goin on...