Monday, October 03, 2005

Katrina 100: 016 Taken outside and beaten

It wasn't just the Delay indictment that had me giddy as hell last week. Oh no, people. I was all about former FEMA head Mike Brown getting a little action, too, especially from my Man Chris Shays, who did a fantastic job belittling Brown. Great stuff, and Shays wasn't alone. It was good to hear. Brown deserves insult and abuse at the very least. For my part, I'd enjoy the opportunity to go out behind the woodshed with the man.

Brown, and his buddy Chertoff, too, are pathetic. Effing conservatives have been bitching about the relief that's been given to the Gulf's poor--decrying it as another welfare handout to people that should, as they often say, "pull themselves up by their bootstraps." Yet, when you have the opportunity to see the real lives of the men who keep their company, you wonder: "Where the fuck ARE these models of self-reliance?" Mike Brown didn't get to where he got through rugged individualism, he got there because he ran with wealthy, useless men like Bush. Bootstraps my ass: this is the culture of the cronyist bailout.

Some liberal rabblerousers go around making fun of these conservatives, decrying them as chickenshits and demanding them they send their kids to war. Let me tell you something: that men like Bush and Cheney and Rummy and Limbaugh didn't serve in the armed forces is a blessing to this country. You can't seriously want children they've raised or colleagues they hold dear doing anything that important. A guy like Mike Brown would be about as much use to an infantry battalion as a dead pig. The lesson to be learned is that these guys belong at home, sucking their thumbs.

I wouldn't let Mike Brown or Michael Chertoff watch my cats for a weekend. If they were the last two men on earth who were available to help me move, I'd stay where I was.

DC residents should recognize the prevailing Bush culture of cronyism, because it's exactly the same culture that Marion Barry brought to Washington, the same culture that eventually eviscerated anything and everything functional out of the city's governance. Most people make fun of Barry for the crack thing, but, honestly, the fact that Marion Barry loved him some crackpipe is actually one of his more endearing qualities. The real story is that Barry traded what good name he had to float untold amounts of taxpayer dollars to his loose-knit coterie of incompetents and grifters, selling the city's future down the river and enmeshing the entire local political world in a cronyist pudding that the city's still not free of.

So don't call Bush's brand of politics "conservative". It bears no resemblance to anything remotely conservative. Call it what it is: rampant cronyism. Cronyism that carts off your money and gets your fellow citizens killed. A man like Mike Brown deserves scorn and abuse--if this were a nation whose citizens had any self-respect at all, we would have driven Brown naked and bleeding from our sight like a whore who sleeps with the enemy.

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PK said...

I got to watch some of the hearing on CNN from a west coast hotel room, and thoroughly enjoyed Chris Shays' beat-down. But I have to admit, when I saw the segment on the Daily Show - you know, the one where he accuses Brown of not being the kind of man that would have supported the Louisiana Purchase (?!?) - I was just crying. I didn't see that part of Shays' questioning. Maybe my hotel TV was set to filter out crazy.