Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Katrina 100: 018 Just another reason why William Bennett is a sick fuck.

You know, for most of us who live in the rational world, when we hear William Bennett suddenly confuse himself for the guy who wrote Freakonomics and claim that the crime rate would go down if we aborted every black child in utero. At first, I'm thinking to myself, "That's funny. I didn't realize that Ken Lay and Dennis Koslowski were black!" I mean, do I really need to point out again that African-Americans are actually the disproportionate victims of crime?

Yeah, well, thank God William Bennett doesn't call the shots. Pictured over here on the right is a six-year old kid named Deamonte Love. Deamonte, his family and some other people from his apartment building were stranded on a rooftop when a helicopter came to rescue them. There wasn't enough room in the copter, so the adults made a quick decision to evacuate all the children. Deamonte was the oldest among the evacuees.

The kids were dropped at an evacuation point, but the helicopter never came back for the parents.

So left alone in all the insanity of the New Orleans evacuation, Deamonte took command of his charges, ranging in age from three years old to five months, and shephered the party to safety. Just like he promised his mom he'd do. The families were all eventually reunited, in no small measure because of this awesome kid.

So, really, what was that guy saying about the societal benefit of aborting black children? Here we have a kid who demonstrates that he has the responsibility our President doesn't have, the capability that Mike Brown doesn't have, and the integrity that William Bennett doesn't have. And this is the type of child who needs to be thrown out with the bathwater for the benefit of the rest of us?

I grew up considering seven to be the age of reason. Suck it, Bell Curve, this kid got there early. William Bennett, asshole extraordinaire, hasn't made it there at all. Is it too late to drown him?

[What does Freakonomics author Steven Levitt have to say about all this? Read.]


abe said...

Ya done good! Been over to Gonzaga to see if any of the alums have been invited back by the Jesuits for re-training?

Washington Cube said...

Love the Jesuits. They put me through their version of hell and back, but it was worth it.

Washington Cube Was Here. #161

Anonymous said...

Did the same for Mr. Bennett right there in dear old D.C. Hence the possible need for re-training unless it was their purpose to create his current turn of thought.