Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Your Pre-Lost Study Questions

  1. Just how dangerous do you think Sawyer's hair can get?
  2. If you were locked in an underground apartment with a hatch that kept you from getting up to the outside world with no one to talk to except a giant Cray computer that set off alarms that required you to enter mysterious numbers, how long would your "lifetime" supply of candy bars last?
  3. Who are "the Others?" Are they a) the Stevedores of the Damned b) the lost and lonely cast of Carnivale c) The Blair Witch d) exactly like our protagonists on this side of the island, except with a working funnel cake machine that has them all bonkers from powdered-sugar rush e) who are we to call them "the Others"? Maybe it's really us--no, fuck it. Sorry. They're totally the others.
  4. This week's IMDB promises include appearances by Katey Segal. Next week, we're promised guest star DJ Qualls! Whoop that trick!

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