Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Your Pre-Lost Study Questions

  1. Everyone seems super-fascinated that Jin--perhaps, maybe--knows how to speak English. Of all the underwhelming things to fixate on! I mean, if I were stranded on a deserted island with black-smoke stompy thing, polar bears, reincarnated daddies living in boars' bodies, astral projections of loved ones, hatchy goodness, Dharma initiatives, crazy French women without a trace of French dialect, les Autres, evil stevedores, Ethan Roms, the incredible healing spine of John Locke, and the bass player from frickin' Driveshaft--that's right, THE Driveshaft--I doubt I'd be the one saying: "Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait...wait. Wait. Wait. Hold on. Wait. Wait. You mean to tell me that there are TWO Koreans here that BOTH know how to speak English? What are the odds of THAT?"
  2. For that matter, you might ask yourself: between his artistic pursuits, his umpteen years of construction work, his umpteen years of rehabilitation, his umpteen years of near abject poverty, his many months pursuing the custody of his son, and the typical racism of country clubs, how did Michael learn how to play golf?
  3. Where exactly, was Desmond running off to? I thought this guy was convinced that the world had ended or that everyone on the surface was sick or that, at the very least, the broken computer meant something really bad would happen. His whole worldview was sort of built on sand, wasn't it?
  4. Latest from IMDB: As always, take it with a grain of salt, because I think a generous helping of disinfo is being salted away here, but tonight we're promised an appearance frm DJ Qualls. "Marvin Candle" apparently was played by Marvin Candle. And next week, we meet "Kelvin"--and guess what? We've seen him before...


PK said...

If there's one place I'd be going if I were Jack, it would be FOLLOWING DESMOND, for chrissake. I mean, he's not planning on just running around in circles, is he?

A. L. Deviant said...

People are probably fixated with Jin's English abilities because they want to see if he swaps the letters R and L phonetically.

Michael could have caddied as a kid 'n stuff. Them caddies be wicked good golfers.

Jack should be following Desmond. However, Desmond seemed sort of imbalanced. Better not to agitate him. You never know, he could be trying to track down Ricardo Montalban, 'cause you know this island is freaky like that.

As for the other fellas being brought in/on, I am sure they are going to add delicious texture to the rich tapestry of LOST. Woo hoo.

PK said...

Anti. Fucking. Climactic.

A. L. Deviant said...

Agreed pk. bloody agreed.