Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DCents Days and Nights

So, I've been a bad bad boy, not getting the information I get in emails out to the peeps fast enough lately. Mea maxima culpa, folks. I'm not as behind the times as some recent turnip truck jumpers who only discovered The Number One Songs in Heaven yesterday and haven't the slightest idea how to give their readers the correct link (ahh...what Kyle said...), but I've been all a-slack lately. That ends today.

First off, news from the friends in bands front. Come on out to DC9 on Sunday, December 11 to see Boxcar Collision play with my pals Supercade and the Paul Kamran Band. Another compadre, DJ P. Vo will be spinning between sets. It won't be much longer before the Kamran disc drops, so come for an advance look.

The Fatales have been busy lately, and new music appears to be on the way. Based upon what's available for preview, their moody midnightish sound continues to deepen. "Darkened Countries" begins with a propulsive, Neu!-ish groove that morphs, warms and brightens along the way, and "Stadtpark" comes over with a distinct Angelo Badalamenti vibe. Excellent, fine-tuned production as well--the songs sound hand-crafted, cared for--never overcooked.

I have to add my voice to a burgeoning chorus of praise for The Light Footwork. Based in Palo Alto but possessing ties due south of here in Fredericksburg, the Footwork bear a more than passing resemblance to Beulah, which is because--and I'm going out on a limb, here--members of Beulah provided copious collabs. But, after listening to their upcoming release, One State Two State, I think these guys swap out a lot of Beulah's coy cleverness in favor of a more frolicsome, in-your-lap delightfulness that I think are going to help these guys come across as a more personable band. Their record is released next Tuesday--watch for it.

Finally, we work back to the homefront to find Laura Burhenn and Q And Not U drummer John Davis collaborating on a fresh project. Dubbed Georgie James, Burhenn and Davis are cooking up some crafty pop songs; "Need Your Needs" feels like Dischord-gone-70's AM-Gold, while "Cheap Champagne" bounds along, certain of it's guest pass status in the Washington Social Club. If these two are as committed to ladling the stemcells of the bands they cite as influences over the basic spawn of their sensibilities, Georgie James has the potential to be one hell of a pairing for local rock aficianados.

Paul Kamran, "Pure"
Paul Kamran, "Outlaw"
Paul Kamran, "Everything You Touch Will Turn To Gold"
The Fatales, "Leitmotif 1"
The Fatales, "Vanishing Act"
The Fatales, "Darkened Country"
The Fatales, "Stadtpark"
The Light Footwork, "Coastlines Are Landmines"
The Light Footwork, "Rapture Good, Rupture Bad"
The Light Footwork, "The Art of Everyday Conversation Part One" (via You Ain't No Picasso)

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Boxcar Collision, MySpace
Supercade, MySpace
Georgie James, MySpace

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