Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Also, After a Long Period of Deliberation We've Decided to Award "Coldplay Album of the Year" to X&Y

50. M. Ward--Transistor Radio

49. Martha Wainwright--s/t

48. The Capitol Years--Let Them Drink

47. Beck--Guero

46. We Versus The Shark--Ruin Everything!

45. Broken Social Scene--s/t

44. Common--Be

43. Art Brut--Bang Bang Rock And Roll

42. Idlewild--Warnings//Promises

41. The Shout Out Louds--Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

40. Clem Snide--The End of Love

39. The Caesars--Paper Tigers

38. Dangerdoom--The Mouse and the Mask

37. Rogue Wave--Descended Like Vultures

36. Mike Doughty--Haughty Melodic

35. The Constantines--Tournament of Hearts

34. Robbers on High Street--Tree City

33. The Bravery--s/t

32. The Light Footwork--One State Two State

31. Sigur Ris--Takk...

30. The Pernice Brothers--Discover a Lovelier You

29. We Are Scientists--With Love and Squalor

28. Archer Prewitt--Wilderness

27. Okkervil River--Black Sheep Boy

26. Brendan Benson--The Alternative to Love

25. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah--s/t

24. Franz Ferdinand--You Could Have It So Much Better

23. My Morning Jacket--Z

22. The National--Alligator

21. Little Brother--The Minstrel Show

20. Death Cab For Cutie--Plans

19. Hot Hot Heat--Elevator

18. LCD Soundsystem--s/t

17. Kanye West--Late Registration

16. Antony and the Johnsons--I Am A Bird Now

15. Sufjan Stevens--Illinoise

14. M.I.A.--Arular

13. The Decemberists--Picaresque

12. Sleater-Kinney--The Woods

11. John Vanderslice--Pixel Revolt

10. De Novo Dahl--Cats and Kittens

9. Stars--Set Yourself on Fire

8. The Mountain Goats--The Sunset Tree

7. Bloc Party--Silent Alarm

6. Kings of Leon--Aha Shake Heartbreak

5. Maximo Park--A Certain Trigger

4. Spoon--Gimme Fiction

3. Doves--Some Cities

2. The Hold Steady--Separation Sunday

1. The New Pornographers--Twin Cinema


nm said...

wow, impressive. i don't know if i've even listened to 50 full albums this year. it's been the year of the single for me. fyi, though, the we are scientists album is scheduled for release in january 2006, so there may be room for coldplay on that list after all!

The Governess said...

I dunno, dude. I could never do a best of 05. I'm still flying high on 1989's Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution. The Solution = Let It Be.

gwadzilla said...

I would have to admit that I am not sure if I added as many as 10 albums to my current play list
it was interesting to see all of the album covers and all of the band names I have never heard of before

was shocked the new Madonna did not make your list...

I say keep it to top ten...
maybe 20

what was the best movie of '05?

0-Face said...

Can't believe no Mike Jones or Chamillionaire???? Just playing!!!! Should have moved common up.

Bueller said...

I especially respected your Top 10. Doves? Bloc Party? Right on.

PK said...

Wooo! Doves! I had no idea you were so into them.

As usual, you have listened to more than 50 new albums this year - roughly one per week - which is about 45 more than I have. (Actually, more than 51, because I KNOW how much you secretly love the Coldplay disc.) How do you do it? What's your secret?

The Deceiver said...

1. Long commutes.
2. Hatred of sleep.
3. Longstanding love of rock.
4. Not having a life.

Anonymous said...

get off wonkette's blog. you're unfunny-ing it.

pu pu head said...

coldplay is like an andrew lloyd weber production of bad teenage poetry.

where's the deerhoof?

The Deceiver said...

I lack the genetic code required to like deerhoof. Their music sounds like dead or retarded things yammering to me. But I understand that lots of people like to jizz in their direction, so I try to stay out of it.

pu pu head said...

someone who lives in a great glass house of semi-obscure masturbatory musical pride can't actually be tossing jizz stones, can they?

The Deceiver said...

Apparently, yes. They can.

pu pu head said...

such is our cursed way.

love, love, love the hold steady long player.

Me said...

death cab and new pornographers placed inexplicably high.

Robson said...

I love how, without fail, every year your list manages to duck my favorite album of that particular year (though, granted, our listening habits have never crossed over 100%).

I will say that if you went through the year without hearing Brian Eno's ANOTHER DAY ON EARTH, then you missed out.

I was sorry not to see Gary Numan release anything this year, but am delighted that Spoon filled the gap with "Was It You?" the greatest Tubeway Army cut that Numan never wrote.