Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sorry for the absence, folks.

Whoo. Holiday season: the celebrations and the angst, hitting us in full force. Folks, we're sorry that we've been out of the office of late. Many trips out of town, many bouts with sickie-pooey, and the sad loss of one of our beloved family critters have kept us off the keys lately. Tomorrow, the DCeiver is headed up for a two-day trip to Manhattan. We'll be sitting down with some Lower East Side web presences, looking for some Yuka Honda vinyl, palling around with the Bourgeois Deviant, and checking out this Christmas tree they have--which, by the way, came from Wayne, New Jersey, which means New York City will be welcoming the Three Wise Interstate Managers this year.

We'll recommence with the rocking on when we return--or tomorrow if we get some interweb time. So, look for a new Pompatus of Lost coming soon (and I'm due a teeny break, people, we did deliver the goods on Thanksgiving Day last time).

But before we skedaddle, one big shout out to the GWU Colonials, who brought home a second straight BB&T this year. The matter of who the home team in Washington, DC is now officially settled, so I don't expect to see a vomitous, eye-killing festival of alleged tortoise-phobia decking the halls of Gallery Place anytime soon. Deal? Deal. The DCeiver endorses Pops for Mayor of Washington.


brownpau said...

Yeah, I sent you that cryptic email before I realized that we have till Jan 11 to wait for the next new episode. So you've earned a break. :)

The Cut said...

GW looked good. D.J. Strawberry can't play the point and is VERY overrated. He picked up his dribble almost as much as his dad picks up prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason! You've been missed!