Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Adam Nagourney can blow it out his ass.

Glenn Greenwald does a first rate job slicing and dicing the cuckoobananas rhetoric that the Bush camp is spreading around in another attempt to deceive and inveigle and obfuscate the very real crime that has occurred with regard to the domestic wiretapping scandal. It's worth your attention, but I'll highlight one part as an extra special bonus.

Adam Nagourney, nominally a reporter for the New York Times, gives full faith and credit to an important portion of Karl Rove's recent batshittery: "Let me be as clear as I can be: President Bush believes if Al Qaeda is calling somebody in America, it is in our national security interest to know who they're calling and why. Some important Democrats clearly disagree."

Now, one would expect a reporter to actually report fact, in this case, a central fact being that Rove's statement is wholly untrue--indeed, it's not even part of the discussion pertaining to warrantless, domestic, wiretaps. Here's how Nagourney responds:

Yet it is difficult to think of a Democrat who has actually argued that it is not "in our national security interest" to track Qaeda calls to the United States, as Mr. Rove contested; he did not offer any examples of whom he had in mind.
Simply amazing. The watered down uselessness of "Yet it is difficult to think." The feckless passivity proudly proclaimed within, "He did not offer examples of whom he had in mind."

Had I received this copy from Adam Nagourney, as his editor, I would have to immediately call him before me and inform him that he had better start fucking availing himself of the brain that God gave him or he can bloody well find a new profession. Adam, you are not paid to "think"--you are paid to report the facts. And the facts that are readily available all inexorably and inalterably state that Rove, in making the pronouncement, is either stupid or lying. Those are your only two choices, Adam. You can say one or the other. Those are the only two conclusions supported by the facts.

This is what "fair and balanced" means. Knowing full well Rove hasn't a leg to stand on, Nagourney makes sure everyone else's legs are chopped off at the knee.

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