Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito confirmed.

Well, the pageantry of Supreme Court confirmation hearings is over, and Alito staggers to a confirmation by a final score of 58 to 42. This is one of those things that was more or less destined to happen, especially after the American Bar Association deemed Alito sufficiently qualified. Commander Cuckoo Bananas may have famously given the ABA the Heisman due to their penchant for applying "thinking" to the process of independent analysis, which doesn't sit well with Bush's preference for extreme tautological "believing" in the face of any and all evidence to the contrary, but no one saw him running away from the ABA when they made their proclamation either.

Meanwhile, the Democrats arrive on the day of the State of the Union with 69% of the people feeling like they lack a clear agenda. I guess their Alito approach: "We like abortions and Constitutional limits to this asswipe President's power" didn't exactly blow people away with it's innovative thinking. Of course, everyone in the world has remarked on the almost iconic irony of John Kerry leading the filibuster charge from the Swiss alps. Lots of Americans would have probably liked to have seen Kerry demonstrate some political courage while running for President, but I guess he's more of an away player. The Grenoble Biathletes For Truth had better watch their ass, though, that's for sure.

I guess, if you want to sum up the opposition's brilliance, you can look no further than Patrick Leahy, who strangely defended Harriet Miers with his last ounce of breath. Believe me, I understand why the Democrats wanted Miers in that confirmation hearing instead of Alito. I'm sure that the Pittsburgh Steelers would prefer that the Seahawks started Seneca Wallace at QB this Sunday. But at a time where the word "crony" makes people reach for their steel as it conjures up images of Michael Brown diddling with restaurant ratings as people drowned in New Orleans, defending the hilariously unqualified Bush buddy is such a desperate measure that it's a miracle 69% of those polled don't think you are out and out crazy.

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