Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cast Your Vote in the Bloggies

Wouldn't you like to have a hand in changing a minute detail in my resume? Well, now you can. Go and vote in the Sixth Annual Weblog Awards, and cast your vote for Wonkette in the "Best Political Weblog" Category. If enough of you do, you could be making it possible for me to change the word "nominated" to "winning," to say nothing of according me the opportunity to bask in the teeny, infintesimal sliver of adulation that I would be possibly allowed if Ana says it's okay.

Sadly, DCist garnered no nominations. Though we're certain TomCat's Christmas Party would have easily smoked the category of Best Blogger Holiday Themed Event if the category existed. However, the -IST LLC did receive four nominations, including the always critical Best Canadian Blog nod.

So, to sum up, if you love me, you'll vote Wonkette. If you don't, you should probably vote for Fire Dog Lake.

1 comment:

DC1974 said...

so i have already voted and of course i voted for wonkette, in part because all the other nominees are SO insufferable. dailykos? please.

but i still think the bloggies need to re-think their categories. they certainly don't fit the way that i view the blog world.

why no car blog category? why no art or design blog category? i'm sure their are others categories out there like this. and what's with all the nationalist divisions?

i mean -- information aesthetics for new zealand australia blog? IA has nothing to do with those places. whether it's written there or not.

so to the bloggies, i say: blah.