Thursday, January 26, 2006

DCeptette: Always Twirling, TWIRLING! Version

  1. Paging The Governess: Seriously--Joint liveblogging of opening night of Snakes On a Plane. Surely Tommy can build the technology. Let's do this.
  2. A rush and a push and the land that you stand on is ours. Hey, property owners, squeeze the city for every dime you can get. [Washington Post]
  3. Question: Is it just me, or do an awful lot of places in the Washington DC area seem to be catching on fire lately? It's been nearly a decade of being back, and in all that time I can't remember a year in which so many well-known restaurants and the like have caught fire. Am I being paranoid, or at some point do we start worrying that we're living through Serial Arsonist 2: Commercial Zoning Unit?
  4. To my mind, the question isn't why should we establish a DC Olympic Team, but rather, why are we only thinking up this shit now? Of course the idea of a Washington, DC Olympic Team is awesome as hell! But just think about this: Marion Barry in his heyday+the events that inspired the movie Cool Runnings=the hotness of a thousand supernovas!! Frealsies, could there be a BETTER reason to start building the wayback machine right now? [DCist]
  5. "Writing this blog is my way of sticking it The Man." " are the man." "I know." "So, you're sticking it to yourself?" "Maybe." Something smells awfully fishy. [Columbia Heights News]

Spin's BAND OF THE YEAR online poll is deeply weird and weirdly dubious, considering they've already weighed in in print and as far as I can tell, it's still only January as far as 2006 is concerned. But if you like clicking on links, then go and vote if only to ensure Art Brut doesn't lose to The Go! Team, as is currently occurring. I'm pleased to report that Feist is trouncing The Linkin Park of the Blogosphere, or as many of you call them, Wolf Parade.


The Governess said...

Okay, so listen. We need an in. You're DCist, man. Shit, you're WONKETTE. Can we score an advance copy, y'know, bcse yr PRESS? VIPress???????

I don't know if I can wait until August.

Le Porq said...

If there's a bootleg DVD destined to be lying on a blanket on Canal & Broadway five weeks prior to opening, it's this flick. You can watch it on yr mac on the amtrak back.

The Governess said...

snakes on a plane viewing party at my place as soon as we can score a bootleg.

catherine said...

dceiver. seriously. that wolf parade album is really good. i was a doubter, but now i can't stop listening to it.

if zunta endorses it, you know it must be true.

PK said...

So over the holidays, I saw Brokeback Mountian on DVD. My parents' neighbor is a member of the Academy, and had gotten a voting copy. (Incidentally, he wasn't planning on watching it! But my mom prevailed upon him to bring it over. Surprisingly, NOT a good movie to watch with your parents.)

So, you know, I could drop them an email to see whether he's received a copy of "Snakes on a Plane" yet... surely there's an Oscar category for that!

nm said...

i want in on the snakes on a plane viewing party! pretty please!

Missy said...

NYC has been catching on fire a lot lately, too. I mean, Prada burned!