Monday, January 23, 2006

DCeptette: Are we? We are! version

  1. Wow. We Are Scientists are treated to the most obnoxiously self-serving record review, pirouetting brilliantly from blind itemesque namedropping to scenesterism to pompous self-aggrandizement to the smoldering remains of a burnt bridge in the space of a single tacky paragraph. Priceless. [Big Yawn]
  2. Less than a week after the Supreme Court upholds laws allowing the assisted suicide of the terminally, the great good sense of those laws are revealed. [The Washington Post]
  3. In my opinion, it's first person plural or fight! [DCist]
  4. Actually, as the story evolves, it hits you that the really batshit crazy neighbor is the author. [Craigslist]
  5. I'm jazzed that renewed streetcar service may become a reality in Washington. But what I'm really hoping and holding out for is ferry service. A pleasant and civilized way to travel, unless, you know, you're Spalding Gray or something. [Examiner]


Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
23 March | Birchmere

Mates of State
25 March | The State Theatre

8 April | DC9

Art Brut
9 April | The Black Cat


Anonymous said...

Where are your comments on Big Yawn's DC CDs??

The Deceiver said...

You don't really want to get me started. Besides two of them being from, uhm, BALTIMORE--including one where they breathlessly yak about how they hardly ever play DC--it includes such laugh inducing tidbits as:

--Not being aware that Bob Mould was in this band called "Husker Du." Also: being awed by his ability to call upon members of Sugar for help. Mould FOUNDED Sugar.

--"The Hold Steady and the Caribbean really were separated from birth. Though a lot more sallow then their Minnesota brethren..." Sallow means "Of a sickly yellowish hue or complexion."

--On the Sketches: "I guess you could say there is a sense of the 70s layered about their music." You guess?

--Their entire review of the Evens. They seem to have not liked the record. They exhort Ian Mackaye to "grow a pair". They say they are going to show them some "tough love". Then they rank them #4. Here's my take on The Evens: Sucked. Next?

--The classic Big Yawn, "Say One Thing, Get Scared and Contradict It In The Same Breath" approach to never having to take a stand: "The most DC of all Baltimore bands, Lungfish carry the Dischord ethic all the way to the bank. Sure, they probably all have day jobs to help support themselves, but that's not the point."

-Worst of all, this sentence from their opening paragraph: "I think it is safe to say that whether they are from Baltimore, Richmond or DC-proper, all of these bands carry the DC ethos with them." I can't speak for Baltimore, where the popular music appears to be their version of crunk, but, having experienced the Richmond rock scene up close and personal, I can state with authority that Richmond has as much to do with DC as Mumbai does with Scranton. It's not at all safe to say that. In fact, it's very foolish.