Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DCeptette: Cattle and the Creeping GogBlog Version

  1. The DC Council, in a move that so beautifully explicates the power of having your priorities straight, will spend some time and tax dollars to determine what the Official Fruit of Washington, DC. Just as long as it goes well with DC's Official Nut, Jonathan Rees. [DCist]
  2. We don't usually groove on hockey. We don't hate the sport--in fact, one of the most memorable sporting events I've ever attended was the Caps-Flyers match on Superbowl Sunday the year the Rams won the Superbowl, which involved a Caps win, seats right behind the opponent's goal, the most expensive brunch I've ever eaten, MCI Center parking (!!!) and a beautiful snowstorm to drive home in--we're just not aficionados. Still, this Alex Ovechkin goal is simply, startlingly, a thing that amazes.
  3. And now, we take a long pause to caustically snicker at the fact that Christopher Hitchens, who loves him some Bush Administration and all their crazy-ass foreign policy failures, is now SUING the U.S. Government because he thinks he was spied on by the NSA's domestic wiretapping program. [FishbowlDC]
  4. I appreciate the apology-in-advance. So I offer a similar advance apology: if any GogBlogger, in the course of freaking out upon hearing the band break into "Your Little Hoodrat Friend" proceeds to "smash into [me] as [they] rush the stage", then I'm very sorry for the way I will punch you in the fucking throat, thereby immobilizing you for a considerable amount of time. I mean, I plan to get really broken up about it. So, advice: why don't all you Johnny-come-latelies simply commit yourselves to behaving like an adult while you are out in public? Think you can handle that? Or do gurus roll like the Poser Mobile gang? [GoobBlog]
  5. Reason #438 that Catherine simply needs to hurry up and get back to DC just as soon as humanly possible. [Unrequited Narcissism]


Phil said...

I often have the same problem fighting the ladies at a Kenny Rogers concert.

DC1974 said...

As silly to an adult as the "Official Fruit" idea seems. I can tell you as a kid in Illinois how important having a voice in state affairs was when all the elementary schools voted on the official animal (we chose white tail dear). It is an opportunity to learn about the voting process -- they set up real polling places in the schools -- and democracy in general. Let the kids have their voice.

Robson said...

"I apologize in advance for smashing into you as I rush the stage when the group breaks into "Your Little Hoodrat Friend." And for vomiting on you after the show. Sorry. The Hold Steady made me do it."

What kind of pussy apologizes in advance for rocking out? A real rocker would tear this guy apart in seconds and then fuck his sister.

Figures he's looking forward to the Coldplay gig.

Kent MacDonald said...

ovechkin's hot. the rookie of the year balloting shouldn't even be close. that goal will go down as one of the 3 best ever.