Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DCeptette: They Call Me Milk Version

  1. The day has finally arrived. New Wonkette. Massive site redesign that feels like an homage to Deadspin. Luckily, my favorite page is still intact. Welcome, David and Alex, and remember, Ana always thought that linking to me was the best part of her day! [Wonkette]
  2. Mike Grass reveals that he once danced the Letter to the Editor tango with fellow Wolverine Jessica Coen. Hot! Blogebrity babies at play in the fields of Ann Arbor! All of which leads me to ask several pointed questions. Did any University ever boast such literary titans as Goodspeed and Grass? Do all Michigan women look as fly as Jessica Coen and Shayna? And, most importantly: why didn't I go to Michigan? The answer to the last question mainly being: 1) several thousand dollars I didn't have to spend, 2) a few notches higher in the academic rankings I got to enjoy, and 3) say what you want, but at least our basketball players could count up the number of time outs they had remaining. [Washington Oculus]
  3. The former DCSOB lays the ANWR debate as bare as it gets. [Thrown for a Loop]
  4. DCist predicts a coming atrocity. [DCist]
  5. Sounds like the start of an awesome new fetish group! [Craigslist]

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Michael said...

Say what you will about Michigan athletes ... they did provide years and years of great one-liners or antics to either laugh at or report on, whether it was the Ed Martin scandal, crime instances or just plain stupidity.

I got to see Tom Brady pass out into his El Gordo burrito at 3 a.m. ... report on a football player who tried to steal a big-screen TV from a third-story fraternity house bedroom during a party by throwing it out the window into a snowbank thinking snow would break its fall (a big scary, linebacker was actually searching for me on campus after that article) ... and be in the same lame communications class discussion section with a basketball player who said he liked the local news better than NPR because it taught him "what fruits to grow in the garden." Classic. The Leaders and Best. Sometimes.