Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DCeptette: This Fresca is delicious version

  1. Way OT, but you just have to revel in the sight of this jackass Kevin Federline grooving out to the sound of his excremental single "PopoZao". It really is a sight to behold. As I watch K-Fed weave and twitch his hands to and fro to the music, I like to imagine that he is manipulating an invisible theremin that, instead of producing interesting Star Trek theme sounds, has been rewired to summon forth the moans of every soul in Hell shitting themselves into infinity. [YouTube]
  2. Proving once again that there is a fine line between standing up for your rights and dousing yourself in the gasoline of intractable stupidity while setting alight the Zippo of recondite obstinance. [Pygmalion in a Blanket]
  3. Maryland hoopster Chris McCray will not be playing for the Terrapins any longer because he is apparently as dumb as a box of rocks, failing to secure a GPA of 2.0 or above from the fall semester. One of the classes he apparently foundered in: Family Studies. What the everloving fuckity fuck is "Family Studies." Would it be naive to believe that the average person, armed with syllabus for this class, could easily pass the final exam after a week's worth of self-study? What is it like? Q: What is the name of the room in your house where you are most likely to find the stove? Puh to the leaze. [DCist]
  4. Shocking and sad how close Ben's Chili Bowl came to having to leave their historic storefront. Let this never, ever, happen again. [Examiner]
  5. Ezra Klein, who served as today's Wonkette-for-a-day, takes down The New Republic's latest stab at self-aggrandizing blowhardiana in hilarious fashion. On their main page, the New Republic apologizes, "...while we can't predict the future..." But if only you COULD, New Reep! If only you could. Because THAT would be unconventional. [Wonkette]


The Gossip, 23 March, The Black Cat


nm said...

so excited about seeing the gossip again, yay!

TUL said...

A failing Family Studies major who already has two kids, who'd a thunk it?

Ali G said...

already thought k-fed was serious white trash, but now that i've seen him in motion i now know there is a new low. i hate to say it, but even britney should be able to do better.

isn't the point of failing 'family studies' that you shouldn't be ALLOWED to procreate?