Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Pompatus of Lost: 2.09--Who's Gonna Tame Your Wild Horses?

Psych! Oh people. So sorry. Life really got in the way way back when this episode aired: good stuff like holidays and travelling and Wonkettery, and bad stuff like both cars breaking down simultaneously, beloved family pet dying and some other annoying crap I'm not going to get into but if I told you you'd be totally sympathetic. My notes are copious, but the freshness that fires the comic spark just isn't there. I came close to getting the episode from iTunes and watching it again, but I'm still not certain I can watch an hour-long whoosit on that teeny iPod screen. Whereas, SNL's "Lazy Sunday" is the awesome iPod app for January 2005, y'all. I love that shit like McAdams loves Gosling.

So, this will be the lost Lost recap. Write it off as me adding meta-mystique to a show shot through with its own. Episode 2.09 will be up tomorrow morning, promise.

Something to chew on. As many of you may know, Entertainment Weekly, a few months back, made some interesting connections between Alan Moore's seminal comic Watchmen and Lost.If you haven't read Watchmen, it's recommended regardless of whether you groove to Lost, obvs. But Lost fans should give it a whirl, if only because the action in the comic tangentially involves a group of high-minded types sent to an island to create something, having no idea as to the nefarious intentions behind it. In Lost, we have the Dharma Initiative on this island, sponsored by a shadowy corporation, mucking about with all manner of pseudoscience. I posit: perhaps the Dharmas, unlike their Watchmen analogues, uncovered the truth about the cat they were about to let out of the bag and moved to "quarantine" it.

Check out or revsit Watchmen, and see if you grok me. If nothing else, it's a good way to pass the time between jerking off sessions.

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