Thursday, February 16, 2006

CSI: Corpus Christi

Mr. K Street Blues offered DCeiver readers a comment today:

"Oh, I love the right-wing chattering class's "normal people" meme. It's so delicious. "Normal people look at this and see a froth over an accident ..." Whatever. How the fuck does some NRO fuck know what a "normal" person thinks?"
Well, KSB, you're gonna love this.

One of our favorite blogs reminded us of this reaction from the Free Republic after John Kerry went hunting during the Presidential campaign:
[John Kerry] may show up toting a $5000 Perazzi shotgun. But, that is not the shotgun that ordinary people use. Kerry considers himself too good, to use arms that the little people would use. He believes the little people to be of little use, other than conning them into voting for him.
You owe it to yourself to take a short trip to the aforementioned blog--1115--because I think you'll enjoy their forensic investigation.

1115: Hop fences, jump over benches, when you see them comin' get the fuck out the entrance.

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Ed said...

Oh, man, that's rich. Love it! That damm Kerry. Rich bastard. Bush/Cheney are so Men Of The People, man. Pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, man!