Wednesday, February 08, 2006

DCeptette: Category Killin' Ya Version

  1. Curses. The Cavaliers and the Tao of Leitao fail to thwart an aggressive comeback bid from the Terrapins. I promise you though: the loss will be avenged. What's more important and impressive is that a day earlier, the Washington Post allowed a crack in their "pimp Maryland all the time no matter what" philosophy to finally allow front page recognition that Virginia is a team of interest to locals. Credit the surging Colonials and the revived Hoyas, though, for shaking the sheets.
  2. She "sported a belligerent thong and was a drinking an aggressively red drink." A gourmet level turn of phrase that you can have for free. I've said it before, but if you're not making this blog part of your daily reading, then I'm at a loss to understand you. [PIAB]
  3. Alberto Gonzalez' diction problem, revealed at last! [Ana Marie Cox]
  4. And to think I worried abvout doing a good job on my review of the Hold Steady show. With sentences that do great torture to the English language ("It seemed as though he wasn't performing in that what I saw as his performance was actually his natural state of being, and that he had to consciously restrain it when he was onstage earlier setting up his gear."), pointless ruminations on organ settings, and the hilarious miscategorization of the band's oeuvre as "classic rock," Big Yawn proves once again that the standard can always be lowered. [Yawnarama]
  5. Sad news. Beyond the regret and the blame and the coulda-woulda-shouldas, it's the end of an era. If you are a gifted writer with a love of DC's theater scene and its rich history, you might think about collecting those great Source stories from the old guard and the new. There's money to be made and love to spread in a commemorative tome. Trey Graham, I'm looking at you... [Theaterboy]



Catfish Haven and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin | 16 February | Wonderland Ballroom
Matt Pond PA | 18 March | 9:30 Club
The Elected w/the Magic Numbers | 23 March | 9:30 Club
Annie | 26 March | The Black Cat
Seu Jorge | 1 April | Lisner Auditorium
Josh Rouse | 4 April | Birchmere
Ladytron | 14 April | 9:30 Club
Built To Spill | 8-9 May | 9:30 Club


Blogs t r e t c h said...

Update: The hipster extravaganza has been moved from Wonderland to DC9.

DC1974 said...

I'd be happy to lead a midnight raid on College Park. You know. To avenge the loss and all. As long as it worked with my schedule. Didn't involve too much raping and otherwise conformed to contemporary standards of avenging. Preemptive attacks not withstanding.

The Deceiver said...

Uhm...I was thinking more like just beating them on March 5.

TUL said...

I was at the game and the first 30 minutes were completely dreadful. Things really didn't come together for the Terps until Gary put in Parish Brown. I've been a PB proponent from the start and I wish GW would start him at the point already.

The Cut said...

The refs obviously smoked crack with the ghost of Len Bias and a disguised Darryl Strawberry cuz the calls got TERRIBLE at the 7 minute mark in the 2nd half. JR Reynolds would just get fouls for having a weird expression on his face and no calls when he is knocked to the ground. The Maryland team was allowed to get so physical at this point it was like I was strapped in Clockwork Orange style in front of a Brokeback Mountain viewing. The refs had a mini conference, "enough drama, you think? Yeah, let's make calls like we talked about before the game. Remember Gary moves past Lefty TONIGHT! Period. Somebody get Toucchet on the phone and let him know."

Where is T.J. Bannister, with J.R. and Sean in foul trouble we NEED another ballhandler that isn't a walk-on against Maryland pressure D on the road. Hollar!!!!

PK said...

The Tao of Leitao. Hey, that's original! Or is it...?

The Deceiver said...

I was just trying to give you a shout-out.

PK said...

It's all good - just trying to yin your yang.