Friday, February 17, 2006

DCeptette: Fair Bloggers at a Game of Kinja Cards Version

  1. Godzilla meets Orson Welles. Hilarious. [The Rorschach Theatre Blog]
  2. You know, everyone bitches about the parking in Adams Morgan. Only Lonnie Bruner has the balls to DO something about it. [Talkin' Shit About a Pretty Sunset]
  3. "Well, Aquaman, I can't say we have a lot of use for you here in the Middle East." "But, I thought I could help with our brigade of weaponized dolphins!" "Don't be a douchebag, Aquaman. Dolphins are mammals." [Wonkette]
  4. David John Bloem: sure, you might not take him seriously as a member of the Green Party, but take it from me--at least the man is not a replicant. [DCist]
  5. Here's a Hint brings us this Craigslist posting from a guy named Mike, who plays in some who-dat cover band called "ThatGuy". He begins his post in an attempt to passionately stick up for the work that our heroic cover bands do. He ends up, however, demonstrating that he is a certifiable king dickwad with the kind of terrifying personality disorder that goes hand-in-hand with state officials warning the neighbors. Hey, Mike, for all I care, slag on the "originals" to your jaded heart's content, but I'm warning you: you are going to look pretty fucking stupid when you have to learn how to play "Come Down To DC." [Craigslist, via Here's a Hint]

1 comment:

Lonnie Bruner said...

Ok, balls, maybe---but my foot hurt for four months after that.