Friday, February 03, 2006

DCeptette: Shake it up in Shaker Heights Version

  1. Last night: fantastic time at The Hold Steady show. How about dem Minneapples? Straight up sauce, people. Also, Swearing at Meh-torists. Missed the Plastic Constellations due to circumstances beyond my control--will make it up to you guys. Spent the evening with kicker of music industry science Kyle, kicker of technology Tom, that Doughty-meets-Dorothy Parker pair of charismatic hybrids known as the PIABs, shutterbug extraordinaire Drew, and several other fine folks who couldn't get enough of the Snakes On A Plane hard sell. Great concert, side-effects included being honored with a compliment from a great man named Grambo. I'm speechless, which is more than I can say for a couple of ta-ra-ra goombeeays at the bar last night, whose cryptic, and LOUD argument injected the scene with an air of mysterioso. For more on that, hit up Jodasm.
  2. So, hoity-toit music critics poll each other on what they like, decide on...well, Sufjan Stevens. You know, after proving they're down. And, hey, Leafblower, you'll probably fall over laughing at the ballot of DC's pre-eminent bitchtwit. Pretentious, hipsterish and, duh, more Sufjan. Yeah, EconoLodgeboy--the days of you running yer mouth are officially over. Go back to Prague, why don't you. [Village Voice]
  3. Appreciation exchange: Anybody remember the last time John Kerry's people hit up Castor Oil for some coin? Apparently, they haven't learned. [Castor Oil]
  4. If you feel that the canned messages that come over the loudspeakers while riding the Metro lack the sangfroid of a good "Get the flarning floopdiddle out of my mommyeffing way afore I jack your ass back to the Middle Ages!", now's your chance to do something about it. [DCist]
  5. I never could see whatever it was that everyone saw in those stupid Magic Eye posters. Were the drugs supposed to help? [Pygmalion In a Blanket]
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Dinosaur Jr | 5 April | 9:30 Club
Neko Case w/Martha Wainwright | 9 April | 9:30 Club

Franz Ferdinand w/Death Cab For Cutie | 11 April | DAR
..and yeah, Wolf Parade | 12 April | Black Cat...see, I really do care about you WP fans.

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