Wednesday, February 22, 2006

DCeptette: Some people think they're always right version.

  1. Wishes have been answered. The Strokes are coming to DC. Though next time I'm on the phone with Leafblower, I'm gonna wish for a million billion dollars. Then I can hire them to follow me around for a year serving as my personal life soundtrack. Which is totally what I'd do with the money. That and the live-in sushi chef. And the fresh pair of underwear each day. But that's it. Be sure to watch DCist for when I let skip the password for all the back row and obstructed view seats. That'll be awesome. Right now, they go onsale March 3 for the April 26 show.
  2. Here's a pretty fascinating legal story, dizzy with intrigue and scintillating brazenness. Read it now before it gets headline-ripped by Law and Order. [Washington Post]
  3. So many boobs in the city worth shipping to South America, why thet have to pick on Phryne? [The Reliable Source]
  4. For one day every year, a group of people get together and manage to make Washington, DC look like that shitty crud-dump town from the movie Waiting For Guffman. They are the Washington Area Music Association, these are their Wammies, look upon their works and despair. [Here's a Hint]
  5. Hey, if you are a nice girl and you're looking for a nice guy to cuddle with, answer this ad. The guy is so gosh-darned earnest that it's only a matter of time before his colleagues on Capitol Hill straight hand him his ass. When that day comes, it'd be nice if he had something going for him. [Craigslist]

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