Thursday, February 16, 2006

Death Cab Presale Part Two.

If you weren't one of the people who got the seven available tickets in Tuesday's Ferd Cab For Deathinfranz pre-sale, you have another chance.

These pre-sales are always drama for me because of the gaggle of dipshits who resent people other than their friends finding out from DCist that they can buy tickets. I frequently pass this info on to DCist because their elitist arguments give me headaches. DCist can, in turn, do whatever they want. If I were a loyal DCist reader, though, and I found out that they were sitting on info that would plug me in to seeing a fave band of mine, I'd question whether they deserved my readership.

Plus, there's the inescapable double-standard: Metblogs is allowed to tell DC, but DCist isn't. NOTE: I don't think this is Metblogs fault. I say, hurrah Metblogs.

You might, as a DCist commenter intimated today, suggest that spreading this information aids scalpers and mark-up whores. Too bad that as of right now, there's not a single ticket for the DARCH show available on eBay or Craigslist. That's right, my substantiated proof trumps your wild-ass claims, I'm afraid. I can assure you also, the predatory ticket mavens, are easily smart enough to have subscribed to the same service that brought me the email alert about tomorrow's presale.

Anyway, presale through Ticketmaster tomorrow, starting at 10. What's the password? What song did they close their first of two 930 club shows (with Stars supporting) last year with? There. That ought to weed out the "untrue" fans.

Don't like that? Suck it.


So, today, DC Metroblogs sensibly notified their readers about today's Death Cab presale, and, as predicted, everybody who couldn't get tickets, except for me, it seems, blames DCist.

I hate to give the DC hateosphere more fodder, but I have to wonder, is there any other city in America with such ticket-grubbing divas?

If so, lock up your indie-rockin' daughters, y'all!

That tired-ass argument, that the flow of information should only go to people deemed by the hipster star chamber as having blood that flows with the hemoglobin of the truly deserving, is such a broke-ass principle. As if having nothing better to do than check Death Cab's website all day makes you some kind of superhero. Whatevs. That attitude comes from the same place as that elitist trash that says you can't be a real fan of a band unless you were there from the beginning. Yeah, well, the first REM album I ever bought was Life's Rich Pageant. You think you should get to see them play just because you bought Murmur before me? I got something automatic for you people to suck on.

Here's a dose of truth: If the whiners could accord themselves absolute power, they wouldn't just yell at DCist for dropping pre-sale dimes. They would come into your home and say: "What? You only have a cassette copy of We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes? You're hereby banned from their upcoming show!"

First, they come for your Death Cab tickets, in other words.

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R.J. said...

Having gone to a ton of shows around here, I suspect there aren't a lot of indie-rock daughters to lock up.

That these shows sell out always surprises me, considering all the good shows are sparsely attended.