Wednesday, February 15, 2006

George Lucas Foments Capitol Hill Dork Epidemic

George Lucas has been in town this week, defending the Democrats after the NRCC appropriated Star Wars images for one of those anti-Democrat videos that blogs make a big deal about but aren't seen by anyone outside of the Beltway. Lucas took issue with the GOP casting themselves in the role of the Rebel Alliance, suggesting that the current adminsitration's geopolitical adventures are more in keeping with Palpatinism.

?One of the main features of the back story was to tell how the Republic became the Empire. At the time I did that, it was during the Vietnam War and the Nixon era. The issue was ? not how does a dictator take over but how does a democracy and Senate give it away??

Oh, George, give the GOP a little credit. After all, one of the other main features of the back story is that it bored the ever living fuck out of us! While you were harnessing cutting edge CGI to bring us the pulse-quickening sight of alien freaks debating trade agreements, the Bush administration was dropping assloads of depleted uranium on Iraq, desecrating religious books, nominating Harriet Miers as a part of a crazy bet, and talking up nuclear options. We've got the Vice President shooting people in the face, George! Darth Bloggers calling out Arlen Specter for being a Sith In Name Only.

Even Matt Groening brought us Gulf War V: Find the Presidents Head!

Ehh, maybe I'm just bummed to be the only Democrat in America who understands the advantage of a giant orbital laser gun.

In other news, at Lucas' press conference, Republican staffers apparently dressed up as Star Wars characters and protested outside. Don't worry, Washington, they'll all be back in their corner of the cafeteria tomorrow.

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