Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hoo the hell is Boston College?

Wow. PK managed to convince me that we were better than Boston College, but 14 points better?

I guess someone else is going to have to finish last in the ACC this year after all. That it's going to be Wake is a huge surprise. Of course, after the pathetic, sorry-ass way Wake washed out of the NCAA tournament, maybe it's not.


The Cut said...

UVA is sitting pretty in the standings right behind all the ranked teams in the conference. Two of these teams we have beat with a chance to beat one again. It would be nice to win out. Wake Forest's season ended last year after Chris Paul connected with Julius Hodge's daddybag.

PK said...

A week ago, here was the prediction I gave you:
- at FSU: Tough out, expect a loss
- BC at home: Very winnable
- at Clemson: Must win
- at UNC: Tough out, expect loss
- Maryland at home: Very winnable

So far, I'm 2 for 2. The swing game is Clemson; we're not a good road team yet, but this is the game that sits between 9-7 and 8-8. The reality is that one more win gets us into the NIT, and only winning out (or going 2-1 and then getting to the semis of the ACC tourney) will get us into the NCAA; so it looks pretty certain that we're NIT-bound. Which is a raging success given preseason expectations.

By the way, I watched the game on tape delay last night. The numbers do not tell the story. Reynolds and Singletary absolutely DOMINATED the game. They were unstoppable and seemed to pull big plays out of thin air on both ends of the court. There's one play where Singletary is on a fast break 1-on-1 against Craig Smith, and you can see Smith just freaking out. At the end of the play, Singletary dekes him a few times and slips around for a layup - Smith swings for the big block but ends up swatting nothing but air. He looks helpless and afraid. I don't remember the last time I saw something like that in a UVA opponent that didn't have "Longwood" written on his chest. BEAUTIFUL.

PK said...

Terrifying statistic of the day:

UVA's record inside the Commonwealth: 14-2

Outside the Commonwealth: 0-8

Our "road" wins are at Richmond and VaTech, and we have a "neutral-court" win over UMBC in Richmond as well. If that form holds, we're looking at 15-12 (8-8) with a loss in the ACC Tourney. Still good enough for the NIT, though.

The Cut said...

The fun starts this evening! NCST wins tonight and drops UNC to 8-5. UVA beats Clemson to go to 8-6. This sets up THE THRILLA IN CHAPAHILLA to make us 9-6 and UNC 8-6 moving us up a position among teams in the case of a tie we own the head-to-head tiebreaker (UNC & BC). Also into a position for a 1st round ACC tournament bye. This is as far as I will go. Another amazing thing about the Clemson game for us is with a victory we will move to 15-10 overall and the loss for Clemson will make them 15-11 overall to dispell at large bids in their favor. The Maryland-FSU game tonight is interesting. They have similiar records behind us in the conference for the moment, but FSU beat us twice and we have Maryland once more so go Maryland. We gave Gary his record, but U-Hall is gettin' closed correct.