Friday, February 03, 2006

"I learned it from you, Mr. President. I learned it from watching you!"

You don't expect the Washington, DC area to go down the Exxon Valdez route, but less than 72 hours after the United States was deemed "addicted to oil" in the State of the Union address, we get a concrete idea of how widespread the problem really is:

According to the Office of Personnel Management, people working in a government building at 1425 New York Avenue NW should NOT report to work today.

Officials said the reason is an oil spill inside the building.

Officials did not say what kind of oil was spilled but they want employees to stay away until the spill is cleaned up.
Wow. That's some really crackerjack reporting by NBC. If you were wondering, the government building at 1425 New York Avenue is, according to DCist, the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General.

That's a pretty hilarious detail, since it's the OIG that puts the qui custodiet into the ipsos custodes. We need to consult with our legal expert Shayna to find out if this whole matter constitutes a violation of the Fifth Crack Commandment.

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Retainer said...

As you know, DCeiver, Commandment Five is important, but #7 is so underrated.