Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News from the Reaganing of every effing thing in the world.

Reaganaut jihadist and dedicated Harry's Tap Room enthusiast Grover Norquist was gently rebuffed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine after Norquist pitched the idea of turning February 6 into Ronald Reagan Day. As I've pointed out elsewhere, it was probably doing Reagan a favor--in Virginia, he'd sit diminished under the long, breathtaking shadows of some men named Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Wilson. He could maybe hang with Harrison, Tyler and Taylor, but Reagan's straight benchwarmer material for the Old Dominion.

Norquist, of course, whined foul, saying that Kaine's decision was a "completely political move." Yeah, we're sure there were no politics involved when you publicly called out the guy whose eyebrow performed the SOTU Rebuttal Tango, Grove.

Personally speaking, most days, we're totally over Reagan, especially after Washington DC ended up being the host city for Republican Woodstock after the Good Lord finally declared it was bedtime for Bonzo. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to learn that we aren't entirely against the idea of having a national holiday honoring Reagan's memory.

Heck, maybe on that one special day a year, scientists can be allowed to conduct stem cell research!

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