Friday, February 03, 2006

This is conservatism?

We take it as fact that a couple central tenets--perhaps vastly oversimplified--of conservative ideology as it applies to governance are: 1) a small, less intrusive government is preferable to a sprawling, invasive bureaucracy and 2) the stewards of the government should strive for fiscal prudence and should not spend money hand over fist. Of course, in the world of the Bush administration, we add the somewhat faith-based belief that massive tax cuts spur crazy delicious job growth.

So...why is it that under this nominally conservative administration that cuts taxes like it's going out of style, job growth in the private sector can be ENTIRELY credited to massive increases in government spending, in both defense and non-defense discretionary spending?

Oh, yeah. That's right. I'm only telling you the
double truth, Ruth.

Lunacy, maybe? Explain, much? Thanks ever so. And don't forget to wake me when you get to the part where outlawing abortion is supposed to help. That'll be the most interesting part.

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